Saturday, December 26, 2015

This Year Is Sure Different Than Last...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I ended up taking Hope for a run, and sat on my ass and watched movies all day. As to me getting stuff done around the house, it didn't happen. I think about the end of this year coming, and I am pretty excited about the new year. Not really sure why, but all my years typically are a bit different.

Sometimes watching movies I wonder how people's lives really are. What kind of skeletons do people hide??  I let people know my shit. I was less than a perfect person growing up. People I lived with were less than perfect. I did hurtful things to people for any number of reasons. Selfish, and other reasons I assume.

To this day I remain imperfect, although that is temporary. The thing that is possible, but is not in our ability to be. I found the way to  perfection, and took it. Having done this it also became my job to teach others the correct direction. In so doing I see the way people have always been. I see why the numbers were never good.

People have no one to blame but themselves, especially the ones who see this. It is a good thing I do, but a bad thing if people see this, and don't heed the warnings or act on the teaching.

It isn't my story, and the teaching you get is not from me. The way of the World is to fall short. Some sort of "good enough" mentality.

Turns out life is a pretty serious thing with serious repercussions. It also turns out there is no answers in this World we live. No points in anything we do, so it is definitely a riddle needing to be solved. You haven't solved it yet. Between me pulling on this, and more pulling done with your real life you have stuff to deal with.

Life is hard. Hard stuff happens to us with death, and heartbreaks and stuff. We also do stupid shit too, cuz our hearts aren't perfect. The World says you are special, and good enough, and I teach real things, and say you aren't.

You are not strong enough to walk in the garden of Eden, cuz you hide, and because you are ashamed.

You live  in a World of coloring books, cuz the truth is too scary to look at??

Life is pretty ugly when looked at with real glasses, and the highest virtues you cannot even see let alone have.

You have a lot that needs to be done, and really as far as I can tell you are not one step closer.

Crazy crazy.  :)

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p.s.  4 in a row is something I can give freely, but something I don't necessarily have to do.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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