Saturday, December 12, 2015

That Sure Sucks.

So yesterday in a p.s. I mentioned a FB friend of mine had a son battling for his life. I guess he lost the battle. We have 37 mutual friends, and that is quite a lot for me, cuz I probably only have around 250 total. Obviously we went to HS together, cuz that is where most of my mutuals come from.

Anyway that is real pain. You don't plan for that shit, and there is no manual to deal with that. Time is your only friend, because that is what is your biggest ally at this point. Time heals in these types of things. I always put 1 year as the miracle mark, because it kinda is for me.

I'll add Andrea to Steve R's thing. One of the little things I can do.

I feel bad for her, and don't particularly want to know that pain. Brutal shit, as some of you parents who may read this can imagine.

Anyways as for me, I did go to the library, and picked up a couple movies and a book. The book is about mafia, attorneys, murder, and those getting close to the truth getting closer to danger. Seems like such a short book for all the action promised.

I also started dvr'ing South Park episodes. The people at work were saying this year is great, so what the heck. The first episode I watched, (not sure which season) was about teaching sex ed to 4th graders, and then kindergarten kids. Completely ridiculous. It is a funny show.

Also tallying up my hours this week I end around 56-57 work hours. Not even sure where I have time to have a vise.

Anyway on a day like this I am not important. Andrea losing her son is brutal.

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p.s. Got Brazilian gas station coffee, and promise to buy coffee after work today. (If I remember). :)

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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