Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gonna Drive Today.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I woke up tired. I slept an hour after my early alarm. There are actually a couple things I thought about before getting up. One thing is none of us are Saints so who cares what we think??  If you are not a Saint then your ideas of a Politics mean nothing, and your ideas of who is wrong and who is right is probably whack. Maybe more important for you is finding out why you are not a Saint. No??

Shit, we can live a whole life being holier than thou, but that is fucking  stupid. Your churches aren't making you better, and actually are making you worse. Those speaking to you from a microphone whether they wear regular suits or funny ones are not Saints. They just play the part. Ask to check their personal computer history. They won't share it with you, cuz they are probably looking at the same shit you are.

Where is one to turn??  Don't turn to politics, cuz that is dumb. Don't turn to the news, cuz the World has always been fucked. There is only one turn that matters, and that turn will help you deal with you. Your anger, and hate, and all the other bullshit that makes you not a Saint.

For my way you will have to do tough stuff maybe. Maybe not too. I had to do some tough stuff where playing the fool was the least of my concerns.

Today I probably will not exercise at all. I will once again not be a Saint in your eyes, but I am in the one who matters, because he plays by different rules. My path is perfection. That is the end of the current me. There is a point where right lives for a time before becoming perfect.

Who knew??  When I was young the false teachers gave me some miracle prayer, and said I was good. It took life really to bypass their teaching by miles and miles. Now I have become what they are. A teacher, except I take no donations. A true teacher asks people to give up their other coin as it is written.

I guess some days I do have stuff on my mind.

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p.s. I am so much different here than in real life. I am just normal me when not in blog land. That must be strange.  :)

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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