Monday, February 1, 2016

What A Difference A Week Makes...

Holy Cow, it has been one week. On Monday I rode my bike to work. I was coming down with a bug, and came home tired.  Tuesday started my horrible cough and cold. I was worried about pneumonia. My cough was bad, and I had a pretty nasty bug. Today I am way at the end of this thing. I know this cuz I am not coughing my ass off this morning.

I guess I'll take Hope for a walk in a bit. I think I am okay to start running again too, but I may wait til tonight or tomorrow.

So anyway what is on my mind?  On any given day there can be a lot on my mind. You and I are different. We look at life through different lenses. I guess you continue to look through the same lens you've always had, and I have a different one. My old ones were taken away a long time ago. Life is this thing we do, and what do you make of it??

Could it actually be this whole World is wrong, and there is no path of you that leads to contentment??  The wind you seek you'll never find. It is a hard job I have knowing the truth of us Humans, and trying to teach the lessons of we ain't all that.

Humans are arrogant. They believe they are so much better than they are. The truth is so hard, cuz rarely do people put  their honest foot forward. You have to look and act in such a way, cuz???  That's an easy question to answer. The answer is the World overpowers you. Do you hide all your thoughts and all your actions cuz you figure they aren't right??

People really have to put always some type of best foot forward, because it is generally accepted. I guess what I am trying to say is the whole World is wrong for you, because nothing is right, until you are right. There are no points to be had for all the things you do. You labor in vain, and the sacrifices you make with time to do Church crap is in vain too. There will be no correct teaching in Church.  It is basically poison for your soul, and it makes your path harder, cuz it is just more shit you have to overcome.

The truth of life is a brutal one. The numbers are not friendly. If you knew the whole truth you would be terrified. You have no idea. I know the full truth. I've lived it. I've been judged twice, and with a strength not of my own I overcame. I was not willing to save myself, but put my life in another's hands.

So these things here I did which was invisible to all, but me and another put me where I am now. I am right. Accepted, and on a good path. You currently are where you've always been. A child of this World. I think people want to believe the easy stuff. Life is good, family shit actually means something, people are nice. Society is a thing we use to help perfect our lives. Believe such and such, and now do our best. That is good enough, although that just makes people fake.

The truth is way different than anything you've ever been taught, cuz the World has no part in it. The World makes heroes out of those who aren't. The World puts glitter on itself so people don't see what a shit hole they live in.

It takes a lot to be put on the right path, and you seem unwilling.

If only you knew the error of your ways. If only you knew how much more courage you'll need. If only you knew you are trapped in a web, and it is worth everything to take the proper steps to be freed. You are still very much a part of this World.  The World is your master.

You thought you were so tough.

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p.s. Hope will be so excited to go on a walk again. Glad I feel better.

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