Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Days All End...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good I'd say. I had another day yesterday. There was nothing significant really in it. I had my first run in over a week. I am coming back from a calf issue. I think it went okay. I felt a little something high up in my calf in question, but I don't think it was anything. I am just paying close attention to everything on that calf is my guess.

We painted the bakery, and got it done. I ride my bike to work knowing full well I'd get rained on the way home, and I did.

We ate dinner. The day ended, and I went to bed. The days all end, and another one begins, and hopefully after a good night sleep.

The days go on and on and on. You definitely see the word inspire thrown around a lot, and maybe something everyone should ponder is no amount of inspiration will help you escape death. We all share that common ending. No one has some supernatural ability to beat that.

I think that is important, cuz it puts us all on the same level. No amount of sacrifice, or labor will release us of death. That there is a whole life out there with stuff to do, there should be answers somewhere huh??  Something has to be worth a shit right??

All societies are flawed. All people in the society are flawed. All leaders in so called societies are flawed. In your search for heroes you'll find with a close look there are none.

Some people may reach the top of their profession or whatever, but chances are we have no clue of the skeletons in the closet. Saddam Hussein was once a leader of his society. Proud, and secure, although he was a scared man when he died. Lance Armstrong, and Tiger Woods were once on top of their profession, and we know about them.

How many times has Lance been married??  I can see one failed marriage, and maybe one would get married a 2nd time, but a 3rd???  What's the point??  I find that shit preposterous.

I find life in many ways to be pretty fucked up. I don't think anyone inspires me, cuz no one is perfect, and I know it.

Things that are worth stuff to me is a good sense of humor. People who don't carry an elevated view of themselves. There are many bad qualities people can have.

I think people use others to prop themselves up. Ultimately all people will just have to stand on their own 2 feet. How are you if you throw work, hobby, friends, and family out.

Who remains after all that??

Does that person scare you??

Do you even know that person??

Life is a pretty busy thing, and it is important you get to know that person. Life is busy, cuz the World wants to hide that person from you, cuz that is your true self. The World has no use for that shit.

We do hide ourselves in a lot of stuff, and it sure isn't easy to in hide ourselves. You'll need help.   :)

That is it for today!!!     :)

Thanks for reading!!!     :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

xo's!!!     :)

Love You All!!!     :)

p.s.  I think I am gonna nap and take Hope after work.

Love You All xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ya'All are the best xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Luv ya's.   :)

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Laterzzzzz Gaterzzzzzzz.   :)

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