Saturday, February 13, 2016

I Spose...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I got a good night sleep last night, I have the day off, and I have a lot to do. I don't really have much to blog about, but a lot of times I can give it a whirl. We got more snow, and today is the coldest day of our cold front from Hell. I'll have to check the 10 day, but we start a nice warm up tomorrow or the next day. I am ready. I don't know why I was such a cold weather ninnie this week. At least I am all healthy now for sure. :)

Anyway a couple family members from my wife's ex died. They were found yesterday. I didn't really know them. One I am sure I met, and the other no clue. Got their hands on some shitty drugs. They were working on a pipeline making like $30/hr. The one guy leaves two kids. Pretty fucked up huh?? What a fucked up World. I kinda thought about that shit  a bit. If you can't trust the drug dealers anymore who can you trust??   ;)   J/k.

So that is that. Today I think Lisa and I will go to lunch. My tax lady gave me a $15 gift card to a restaurant for my troubles.

Other than that I ain't got much. I may not have blogged today, but I am on a good streak, even if today I ain't got much.

That is it for today!!!    :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

xo's!!!    :)

Love You All!!!    :)

p.s.  I do like me a nice relaxing day off.  :)

Love You All xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ya'All are the best xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Extras of these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Luv ya's.   :)

MWAH.  :)))

xxoo. :)

Now for creaky really cya cya cya     :D     :D

Laterzzzz Gaterzzzzz.   :)

Aloha.  :)

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