Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Up A Little Earlier Than Normal.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I am up a little earlier than normal, but that is a good thing, cuz I can run a little longer. Yesterday was a pretty good day as days go. I ran, I worked, I did a few things around the house, and I cooked supper. My days end pretty early so I go to bed early. These days I seem to sleep in the family room til Lisa is ready for bed, and then I go to bed.

The days are basically filled with time. Time keeps moving, and the days all end. They turn over one after another.

Some common wishes for most people would be to feel rested, be healthy, have a purpose, and really have a pretty happy heart. What exactly do we control??

People can do healthy things, but most of the shit that will kill us is invisible. I am a good sleeper, so normally I am well rested. I fall asleep early too, so I can wake up really 2 hours before I need to. Purpose is interesting cuz what is our purpose??  Many figure part of our purpose is to find the perfect person for us, get a job, have kids, and live happily ever after. A lot of times that is just a standard truth of life. What if that actually means nothing??  It is just shit this World is filled with. It would seem kinda strange cuz all grow up with basic sexual urges just like the beasts of the field. There must be a way to explain that. To make it good. I assume people live with some sort of guilt at times due to our imperfections in that area.

What is happy??  How does one get it??  That is a good question, because there is no manual to life. Most people fall short of even seeking answers, cuz they believed this and that, and said good enough.

So much of life is out of our control. You look around, and there is probably a good chance you don't know the people around you. It shouldn't surprise you, cuz in many ways you don't know you, and people don't know you.

Lives are never perfect. People are never perfect, and really it probably would be our biggest wish. Not to have to worry about our flaws, and imperfections as people. Not to feel guilt cuz maybe we aren't the best person. Not to feel the sadness of being rejected, cuz we aren't good enough.

The World is full of people going through various motions, and the truth may be far away.

Who am I??

Why life??  Why me??

What is the point to all this??

Factories, and cubicles, and buildings. Wars, murders, poverty. Sickness, disease.

Life, what is all this crap??  What does it all mean??

These are tough questions, and ones we really run away from.

You'll find looking at life and people, it really isn't all that great really. The truth is a good thing, and yet still far away.

I can tell you about me. Most days I wake up well rested, cuz my energy is a gift. I have a purpose, cuz when my life was at a crossroad it is what I seeked most.  I am mostly happy, cuz my heart is different than just the normal me growing up. I don't worry about health too much, cuz I am naturally pretty healthy. Also my purpose gives me a bit of a road map to my life. Not perfect vision of course, but I am strong enough to deal with the day to day I'd say.

I am not perfect however. It is impossible in my current state. I do have a promise of "all for good". I don't know what future things I should worry about. I am not afraid of life, and I am ready anytime for death. That is a life well lived.

Being ready for all the future holds. Walking straight into the unknown with no fear, and no misconceptions.

Having absolutely no fear of standing on my own two feet.

Having confidence, and being assured of my ways is a pretty good thing.

Anyways, just getting something down.

That is it for today!!!    :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

xo's!!!    :)

Love You All!!!    :)

p.s. Today I am up really early so Hope and I can get a good run.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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