Friday, February 5, 2016

Don't Look Now. But I Have Tomorrow Off.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. A little tired, but done sleeping. Yesterday we got our taxes done. We broke even basically. $150 back from the State, and we'll pay in $130 to the Guvmint. I still feel a bit miffed I get fined for not paying $4000 to Health Insurance Conglomerates, when I don't use their Oligarchical type services. If laws were actually followed the CEOs of these companies would be in jail for not abiding to antitrust Laws. Instead we put them on a pedestal, cuz they wear nice suits and have a nice and fancy house(es).

The World is ugly, and very fucked up. All the rules, and systems, and everything is flawed if we just take a look. There is no perfection to be seen, and actually it is something that is possible. For some reason a lot of people think they are good enough although we all fall short. Something about us must be worth a shit, but is it??

The World makes us stop searching we stop searching on our own too, cuz if we judge others than surely we are deserving of stuff right??  I did this, and such and such does that.

What if the stuff we place our highest value in, actually doesn't mean shit? It is an important thing to ponder cuz actually it is the truth.

You were born in this World being taught you were right, and actually we start out being wrong. We judge our way to the upper echelon without ever dealing with us. As you get older you accumulate more and more self-perceived worth, and the truth really just says one coin. You can package shit up all you want, but you amount to no more than one coin.

There is a hidden answer as to what one does with their one coin to increase the amount of coins, and I teach this. Every other way is False and Wrong.

I am the only true teacher, cuz I've been made this way. Not exactly what I asked for, but maybe just more than I bargained for. One coin gets you nowhere, and you are in the most precarious of positions. Not everyone has been shown the way, and those who don't act upon good teaching will have their own penalty.

The story is about truth and forgiveness, and humility. It surely isn't how great you are, cuz we were born not really that great, and the World was just going to Fuck us up more, cuz everywhere is imperfection. Everywhere is Bullshit teaching.

The path is to want better, not settle for one coin.

The truth of your life is like all. Lacking.  Missing something. You aren't sure what it is, but you definitely run from that course. It is hard to drink that many bloody Mary's to find the courage to look at that shit.

You need help, cuz unbeknownst to you is you just aren't all that. The more we strive many times the more we judge.

I really don't know how to make people seek the truth. The truth of me is known. You have had the ability to know quite a bit.

It is really quite the story. I learned quite a bit. Mostly what I learned is I am not all that, but I've been out on a path ANYWAY that is all that. My worth is the story of me. The thing I am not an author of.

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p.s. I've run 3 days in a row. Short runs, but no worse for the wear.

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