Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I actually relaxed a lot this weekend and watched a lot of movies. Work went really easy at the grocery store. I couldn't do what I normally do on Saturday, cuz there was no load on Thursday due to Thanksgiving. The thought was there would be a person to do the load Sunday, and I'd do the Endcap. The guy never showed up, and I guess he didn't very much anyway. So Sunday morning was going to be brutal, but it wasn't. The manager did the Endcaps, and the grocery guys did aisle 10, which is the worst aisle. I only worked a little over 4 hours.

I thought about trying to nap, but I didn't. I looked at movie times, and the Bond movie started at 10:15, so we went and saw it. I rented a couple more movies, and that was my day.

So we start out a new week. Some days this blog just goes on it's own. Blind to the real World, cuz it isn't my job to deal with the ugly part of life. I already did it, and came to terms with me and my life. Things you must still do. You have to reconcile real life, and the fairy tales. Imperfection vs what you want to show.

Your life is imperfect. Your relationships are imperfect. To make matters even worse is your overall view of life is wrong. Bad things happen in life, and we do bad things too. There is a way to a better us, but you gotta be willing to throw the fairy tales out. It is what people are made of.

Just do a simple experiment. What if everything is wrong??  Then what??

You should think of that, cuz everything is wrong. As far as being on the right side of right, you still aren't.

It isn't about being right and good, it is just about the truth. What is your truth??  If someone were to look at your whole life having a clear view of everything how do you fare??

Like us all.

You don't want to consider these things do you??

Funny I was getting excited for 1500, and it turns out like this.

Booooooooooo.  :)

Laterzzzzzzzzz. xoxo

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