Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. It occurs to me you don't wake up most mornings like me. Your life has questions. You have memories that haven't been dealt with. You have wind that still needs chasing.

I forget sometimes what it is like to be you.

I know the truth of the World, and I know the truth of life. I knew many many of the bad things way long ago, and to me it is so crazy how easy it was for it to be bottled up. A story to tell, but that story needed to wait for the right time.

So anyway my story was told. I overcame the 2nd time in my Spiritual journey, and 3rd time if you count me overcoming myself way back when. I always knew I had to hit the alligator on the head 3 times, and so far I've done it twice.

I assume a lot of things as all things are possible, so I believed my time would come at Thanksgiving sometime. There was a 5K where I PR'd in a short course. There was the foreshadow of what it would be like, and that was so much more than that. There was the day before I was scared that night, and woke up in the morning not scared.

So I know I have this thing to do. I don't know when it will take place, but I think I will when the time draws near. Pretty positive I won't be scared, but I may be a little. Not sure.

At this point in time the story is you. This story always was going to lead to repentance, and it seems like such a simple thing huh??  It isn't that we are right, it is that we cannot be who we'd like. The truth is simple in its simplicity, but people complicate things. For one they don't believe the truth, cuz they want more out of life. They want to chase wind.

Many many many people think they are right as they stand, and the truth speaks different. The truth can penetrate your heart even though your heart is filled with all kindsa bad stuff.

Instead of dealing with you, you turn the mirror, cuz it is too scary to look in the mirror. I asked for the mirror a long time ago. It is for you, because the eye we need to look inside ourself is blocked by a big log. So there are steps needed to be made.

I've come to realize much courage is needed, because, the World is harsh, and so are people.

It all seems so easy written on paper huh??  It is in a way, but we are the ones who complicate things, cuz we are a product of this World.

I know it is scary, and strength and trust are words I used a lot before.

Anyway, I guess there is always sometimes this:

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