Thursday, June 4, 2015

Titles For Algernon

Hello and good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am doing pretty good. I got a lot of sleep last night. I was beat. My new job has given me such sore muscles from pinning dough, it is crazy. My shoulders feel like death. Can't wait til those muscles get used to it.

Nothing really going on with me. We are having great weather this week, so I am already tan from being outside. I forget how much 1st shift suits me. Have to tinker a bit to get my schedule down, but it should come quick.

As to goals in life I guess I used to have some running ones, and these days not really so much. I do find myself getting in better running shape, and really no knee problems at all. I like no, I LOVE my short runs, so not sure about upping my mileage much. Since most of my runs are with hope, I'd probably have to figure out a run to work type thingy to add miles. Not sure if that is in the books or not. Not a big deal. The switch is not turned on for me to run the big miles really.

As to other goals it has been for so long just understanding. I knew that was the best thing, and it just so happens with understanding comes everything else. It will be the final stop for the current version of me, and the beginning of the new version. The best a person can be.

Such a weird story. Mine. Hidden so long as I walked during the dead years. I knew I had some future stuff to do, but I had no idea when. Well I guess we know it is now. It has been going on for years. Really it isn't as I expected at all. For one thing it takes so long.  How many times have I just been frustrated ?  How many times did I lose trust in some of you. I have steered people in the correct ways, but most don't listen that great.

This is really a picture if life. In life we all fail. None of us can stand up to the highest ideals, and the World is a trap we are enslaved to. There only is one way out from this dilemma, but even that is a battle, because many times people think way higher of themselves than they should. Many times what they deem to be important isn't.  All the things we waste our time on are really a waste.  There is very little value for the activities done under the sun, and we all toil in vain.

Points come from different things than what we think.  A human really isn't all that, but typically we think we are.

A life is a silly and foolish thing. The answer to life I found, and it is worth everything.

Simple really, but people. Who can teach them anything???   :)   LOL

Anyhooodles I guess I should get going.

You know I have been blogging a while, and typically not a lot changes, but one has jumped up super duper high in importance in my eyes. That is surprising to me.

I like courage, and strength though, and she does have that.

Anyway I gotsta go.



MWAH!!!   :)

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