Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not A Perfect Night Sleep

First off as you can tell by my title there are many many many major things that happen to me on any given day. Today the first thing on my mind is I didn't get a perfect night sleep. Probably from napping during the movie we "watched".  You may ask why not sleep in, and it is cuz I was done sleeping.

Other than that not much going on with me. Doing this life thing. Lisa did tell me something that hit me though. She told me today was the longest she has ever gone without talking to her mom. I was like WOAH!!  You forget about that shit. That is real life right there. Life changing shit. Having some experience in this stuff I told her one year is how long this stuff takes. She also said something to the effect many times she'll think of something she wants to tell her mom during the day.

So there is a little picture of life. All the stupid shit we waste our time on doing stupid World stuff vs. you are going to die.

Decisions and thoughts should stem from the only important thing in that equation. The World is stupid, and so are the things we do. You are going to die is important on many levels. All your awards and bullshit you collect you do not take with.

Sheets of paper saying you are accredited or a graduate of such and such means nothing. You have to live life, so yeah you will collect these things, but it is about time you start placing the correct importance to things. One need not look far or long to see we all put on a charade. Seeking the acceptance from people and society, while hiding the true us.

There is a lot of work to do, and pretty much none have done any. You have a choice to make, and it involves you currently being on the wrong side. It also involves every little thing you do in the World doesn't mean shit in things that are important.

That my friends is me just keeping it real, and speaking the truth. The truth is a Bitch, and one needs to be strong to deal with it.

You people should go the better, and correct way. I for one know the true value of your life, and all your deeds.


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