Monday, June 8, 2015

Common Theme??

Hello, and good morning. Guess what I did yesterday???  I lived another day of my life. It had work, and food, and doing dishes, petting my dumb cat instead of running since she was plopped right on me.  I had a couple drinks, and some sleep. It was like another day in the life.

Couple things about me. I typically don't place value to things that have none, and that is because my heart is pretty true. If you could place the percentage of me that is me, and the percentage that is created from this weird poor in Spirit existence I have now I couldn't tell you. I'd say the important stuff about me is mostly from help, and the silly and stupid part of me is just the silly dude who continues to linger around.

So that is something. I am not who I would be if I hadn't done the things I have done. What does that mean for you??  Even though it has been decades I realize how dark an existence one (you) live without going through the eye of the needle. I can't remember what my days were like, but I definitely could not see myself as I can now.

What was I lacking in life to make me question things??  I was alone, and I wanted to be.  I just wanted to be a decent person whatever that means. At this point in my life I was living a real simple life, and still I was not able to make me into the kind of person I wanted.  As time went on, and I wasn't improving, but really seeing more clearly the true nature of me, I saw my end as I stood now.

The rest is history really. I don't know the timing of the turn compared to the time of repentance.  I have no idea.

It is what people lack right now. A meek view of yourself that sees the true picture of you. One has to look at the pointless nature of their life, and swallow that bitter pill.
You have to do some tough stuff (look at the truth) if you want to get to the good stuff.

You don't have the good stuff, and I have help, but I don't have the ultimate good stuff either.

Hard to tell people who love the World that life is dumb. It takes a lot of life to make turns, and a lot if unhappiness unfortunately. A lot of questioning too.

Probably not everyone gets pulled either so many will continue on their own merry way into an existence like the trillions of people who lived empty pointless lives full of hate and death, and whatever else it is people do these days.

Those who choose the World I have no use for. Those who choose the better way I can help. As far as I can tell I am not much help. I can't help people who choose the World as their home. It isn't why I am here.

Anyways, today will be another day in the life. I look at it with as clear of vision as my heart and help let me.

For you it is another day in your life with a very dark inside that is hard, but for one to see.  In the end there are no secrets, and a life lived is filled with secrets.

Okay, I am out.


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