Friday, June 12, 2015


Now last night I slept great. I can always tell a good night sleep when I wake up before the alarm feeling refreshed. It is such a luxury to be able to just lay there and relax. I know I know what you are thinking. You work at 6:00 am why use an alarm. It's been a while since I did the early morning routine, so to be safe. I never hit snooze though, I typically get up. One day I didn't, cuz it was supposed to rain, I was tired, and I was going to drive to work, so I stayed in bed past 5:00.

Fascinating huh??   Yeah my life is filled with all kinds of stuff like this.

Geesh, I don't really have anything to blog about, and nothing really is on my mind. I do kinda wonder what people are doing sorta. I have this blog, and it does stuff, but then again it seems like it does nothing. As I go on though I find lives are strange in a way.  People place importance in things I place almost none in. My life is boring as you can tell by reading this, but I am cool with the shear simplicity of it.

I am work, hangout, eat sleep. These days I typically run before work a short run, and bike to work and back, but that means nothing. Why do people many times try to fill their lives with more and more stuff. Are they afraid of a boring life??  Afraid you will miss out on something??  Need some type of pat on the back of some sort??

I think I am pretty lucky having a content heart, and if people try and fill their lives with more and more stuff I couldn't care less. As my post yesterday suggests, and as Solomon saw everything we do is pointless anyway.

There was a person who came with a message of repentance, and as I have told you your heart is unable. You are powerless in all things without a turn, unless you want to live a life of anger, and vengeance, and all the shortcomings we all are born with.

As for me, I am content. I lack nothing, and my heart is cool. I've had sooooi much help though in me being who I am. You are just a person trying to make you into some type of version of a person you want to be.

Too bad you got all that other crap inside you huh??  All the crap that makes us imperfect and horrible people. Yep, if only there was a way to get rid of that.

Guess what??  That is another thing you are powerless against.

Funny how the World threw us that zinger that we were all that huh??  Yeah, the World is good like that.

Happiness is knowing your true worth and having a heart that is totally content with it.

You?????   Yikes.

Okay, I don't think it is thundering so guess I can take the hopester.


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