Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The 4th Week

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am okay. I started my 4th week at my new job, and week #4 is significant, because it is why I took the job in the first place. They needed help. The first 3 weeks I never really felt like I was part of the help, but kinda a nuisance in ways. The patriarch of the company is off work now. He is having surgery today for prostate cancer, so this week we are short a person at the table. The brothers are filling in where they can, but actually their normal routine is a pretty busy routine anyway.  It turns out they did need help, and I am pretty dependable so that is good.

As to the surgery and it's importance the Dad is scared, and I am not sure if Jacob has ever seen his dad scared. Probably threw him a curve ball.

Anyways that is real life stuff huh??  Seems like my blog, and life is filled with this shit. It is probably a way in which I am different than you probably. I see real life every day. You people need real lifetime zingers to see real life. It isn't because I am better than you that  I see real life every day. It is because I am further along. When life threw its force at me decades ago I listened. I heard what life was saying, and I took the proper steps.

As you remember I learned from Lora honesty. I grabbed the truth, and held it, because of all the things in the World that has to be a good thing. Only one is the Father of Lies, and he is supposed to be bad, so

So life pulled me, and I followed that direction. It has taken me many places. Not that I am some great World traveler, but I have lived with the Father of lies inside me for 6 days shooting his fiery arrows of condemnation at me. I've dealt with the judges. I've seen the World through God's eyes for a few hours. That was during the bad Summer. The father of lies was with me that whole Summer too. Every second of every day condemning me.  That Summer was no joke.

Even to this day he still is with me, but I have the best help. It took me decades to stand as I do now, but now is good. My journey was horribly hard. A life singled out to suffer, and I've done that.

That is how life is too huh???  We don't see what goes on in a person's life, because the majority of the important stuff is inside. Out of view. My blog lets you know me though. I show you all the hidden stuff you would have no idea of.

I have been given some secrets of people too. I've shared some of their burdens, and I know some of the dark secrets. Why I don't know, but maybe I need them to know the people better.

Anyways I guess I am just jotting some things down.

Funny how we live life in a blind coma-like state. At some point we realize we aren't completely happy. We must be missing something, and then life pulls. We need our eyes and ears at this time, because we are being taught during this time. The teacher of life works here.

Okay I'll cya.  :)


MWAH!!!   :)

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