Saturday, June 20, 2015

Someone Has To...

Hello, and good morning. Since no one blogs anymore I guess I will. Today looks like it will be a gorgeous day out, so that is good. I will have to work for maybe 4 hours today, so that is good too. :) Then we will chill out and eat dinner. I'll have to go in Sunday morning for another 4 hours or so as early as I can wake up. Usually that is pretty early. :)

Anyway, I probably had a couple zingers this week. This blog seems to be turning. I seem to be turning. The same old same old doesn't seem to be good enough anymore. I am guessing this is where I start to be losing more and more people. People always seem to have something to prove don't they??  I am good because I do this and I do that. Not all some though.

The struggle is in this blog though huh. The struggle is trust. You want to see all the things you can do and accomplish. If you read this then you know what it says, and hearts typically want to go the right way, but your Worldly desires get in the way huh??  Hey, it was a struggle for me, cuz when I overcame just me, it wasn't easy. I had hopes and desires of a pretty decent life. I was set to make good money, and that "seemed" like my Life was on the way up. I was really struggling with me though. Definitely not as good of a person as I wanted, so I was able to lay it all down, and say "your will"

That story has been told before, but I was asked to take my name out of the running for the promotion. My only prayer was letting me have enough courage to be obedient in the morning.  I walked in nervous, because I was to look the fool. I knew it, but I was obedient, and have been ever since. Whether it was outside the garbage room at Bromenn Healthcare, or the night I walked around the track and received the 5 building blocks, to something as little as don't watch tv for a while, because I needed to have one thing write with my heart. So decades ago I stopped watching tv until the prayer if I am destined for Hell let me accept it as that which I deserve. I am destined to go there for a stretch, and I need that heart, because it will be then I may blaspheme if I am not right. Come to think of it that little part of my journey was for me a lot. It helps give me trust, and courage, and definitely the unforgivable sin which was my biggest fear is taken care of.

So yeah, there is a lot to my story, and on many occasion I was to play the fool. Still to this day too probably for all I know, but I have help with all things, and I have courage to stand as I do.

Not perfect obviously, but on that road.

So I started out with no eyesight at all to my destination. I've been given good eyesight to my journey.  I am not over, but as you can see my life means something. Most of my stuff you cannot see, unless you read this.

I guess that is it. I may not blog tomorrow, cuz I'll probably go straight into work when I wake up. So I guess til the next time I blog, since I am the only one who does.

Laterzzzz.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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