Tuesday, June 16, 2015

As Far As Mondays Go...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. It is now Tues morning, but as my title suggests Monday was not horrible. I did my typical morning routine of shirt run, and bike to work. I came home, and hung outside for a bit. The humidity broke, and it actually started to get cool. I came in and watched MI 3. Those movies are good. I ate dinner, and went to bed at 7:00 PM.

There you have it. My life in a nutshell. I did think about some things before I got up. Many times for no reason at all I will remember how I am different than you. I'll think back to my life, and how hard it was for me to get where I am at now. You have no idea the things I've seen. No idea what I've had to endure. I cannot really say exactly, well you know what??  At some point in time decades ago my life as I knew it was over. Never to be the same.

Between the 6 days of being tormented 24/7, and the Summer of my discontent I saw with 100% clarity the brutal truth of life. I've endured days during my two previous blogs where it seemed every day my heart was troubled.

Then I had a big change. When I overcame the 2nd time with 100% help I was basically done. My work was over, and I guess now it was my time to help others along. This has been years in the making too.

It is odd knowing sorta how you are on the inside. It has to be real struggle too, because where you are now as a person is hard, and pretty horrible in ways. I've used the word trust before, and as I have said we all walk as people who currently are not as good as a person can be, but also either is your life. Your heart dictates your thoughts, and you and I differ there.

My heart is clear, and so are my thoughts, but seems at this stage people are striving for that which is impossible to attain.  The better life, and the better you are not in your power. On your own there is very little you can do. The things that are possible are probably infinite with help, but in this story you are to be changed. Your heart will be content with meek goals. You will have no need to make a great name for yourself.  With help you will accept life for what it is, and you will have a thankful heart, because you will be made into what you are meant to.

So you know I had absolutely no vision of how my life would look these days. The only thing I knew was I had to overcome 3 times, and I know what the 3rd meant. Heck I figured I must have already overcome twice, at least for decades. Overcoming = hitting the serpent on the head. To be honest I didn't even know what overcome was really.  It is what was done centuries ago. With a strong heart not holding onto your life, but giving everything up.

To give it up with no hope, but in enduring you see hope and your heart becomes courageous. In trials we strengthen trust.

Where you are now is nowhere. One of the trillions of pebbles of sand on the beach. That isn't the plan.

Better things are in store for you. You have to give up you though. Willingly give up your coin even though as far as you can see it is worth more than anything else.

Trust trust trust. What makes it hard is you are given no vision of what it looks like after. You have me though telling you it is worth it. That is it. You get no more. :)

Alrighty I gotta get going. Too long for me to proofread.  :)


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