Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Put Another Notch On The Wall

I did it. I lived another day in my life. It had much of the same things as previous days. My life doesn't change too too much. There was a big decision that needed to be made though. Cut the grass or no??  In the end I opted not to cut the grass, and just sat outside after work. Lisa was off, so we just chilled. I then went in to make dinner.

A little after dinner I was able to go to bed, and Lisa was able to tinker making her fairy garden. She was excited about making some furniture out of cork. :)   She made a fire pit and other stuff. I'll have to check it out after work today.

So I continue to tally the days. One after another. Some things I know is for some people your life probably will never be the same. You may try to battle you, but there is a truth, and at first it may seem harsh, and then there is everything else you "think" you want life to be. The World is a great lure, and it fishes for more and more people. Quite successfully too. Then there was this one fisherman, who was successful in his own right.  He fished, and taught others how to fish. This fisherman is who taught me how to fish. It is the reason I was allowed way back when to be taken so far away. To save more lives.

The Lure the World uses is basically candy coated lies. Temptations perhaps. The one who battles these fairy tale poisons is armed with the truth. The World is no match for the truth, because that which is based on lies cannot stand against the truth.

That is your choice too. Do you want to stand with the World, and lies, or would you dare stand with the greatest fisherman of all. Right now you are on the side of the World, and it is impossible to stand on both sides.

So yeah, in the end no matter what you are not all that. Either am I. I've been made into a better version of myself already, but not the best version of myself I can be. You are still what you always were.

Okay. I'll cya. I got a run date with the hopester.

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