Sunday, June 21, 2015

Have Time To Blog, and I Have a Time To Jog

I've already been to work and back. I didn't do anything as they were stripping and waxing both of the aisles I will be working in. I thought I'd come home, and try to sleep more, but I am done sleeping, so I guess I'll do my normal morning routine. Hope will be excited.  :)

Anyhoodles what is going on with me??  Not much. What do we as people have to offer??  Nothing really huh??  We aren't doing anything of any importance, we are just living our silly lives. All the activities we do don't really do anything. We are just hanging out in our bodies living our little lives as imperfect people with weird crap inside us. There is a pull to fill our ledgers with positive things so we can pass the people test. Funny thing though is you cannot even pass the you test. The ideal good and decent person is far from us. It is probably why we fill our ledgers with various stuff.

I think if someone were to look at my life they would think it is kinda boring, and it is. I am just lucky to have an upbeat heart, and I don't care. On the flip side I think most of the shit people show is boring too.

You ever just peruse through a timeline via one of the social networks and be like who gives a shit, who gives a shit, who gives a shit. :)   Haha, I always do it seems if I am even looking.  Most of the shit of our lives is boring, self-serving, or stuff like that.

I have my thoughts on this. One avenue you can take will help you get to the good stuff. The avenue you are on is from this World, and there is nothing of value there. I always thought many people would take the correct route, and now I wonder if I am the only one. I know the plan is for more than me, but none are willing.

You are missing out on so much.

Oh well, guess we'll see what happens.


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