Monday, June 22, 2015

Last One Standing...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I woke up thinking I could sleep more, but I know I won't feel any different. I also know if I drink a cup of coffee I won't feel any different so I won't. When I wake up I wake up.

Anyway this blog has come a long way huh??  I cannot even imagine what it is like. I know in life we try and seek out the Saints and there are none around. Yesterday I stopped over by Lisa's dad's house. He is dying. He is nowhere near a Saint and never was, but I don't think I ever really had a problem with him. I told his wife on Saturday he was probably an asshole when he was 40, but he seemed okay to me the final years. It is an interesting perspective talking to a person who knows they are dying. It would be interesting to know what they think. You know they are really a thief on the cross at that point. I also talked to my dad too, and once again he isn't a Saint either, and chances are at 40 he was an asshole too. :). People of that generation grew up angry it seems. Have no problem yelling for no fucking reason at all.  Maybe post WWII bullshit. Their country would have no problem taking their lives for dubious reasons at best.  Who knows??

Anyway it appears I am the last blogger standing. Things could be so much different, but people think they are being asked to sacrifice , when in actuality they are being asked to exchange something for something better. They are being asked to take a gift, and they are fine on their own I guess.

So on they charge with their life of... Whatever your life is.

Funny thing your downfall is trust. You are blind and don't know it. You are not a saint, and I guess you don't know it.  You are wrong, and don't know it. You sit on the losing side, and you don't know it.

What can I do??  Nothing. This isn't my story, and that is comforting. If I am to play the fool, then who you calling a fool??

I know the answer to that, as I've been through a lot. I exchanged my coin for another better coin, and a story has been made if it. So far you seek your own story, and quite frankly you just are not good enough to make one on your own.

Do you want to have a special coin that does what the plan asks for, or just the same coin that is no different than the trillions that came before it.

As you stand now you are just a run of the mill nothing special coin.

I have a better coin, but still I am nothing special. Maybe that is the change. You are out to prove you are special by showing off a plain coin. I am out to prove nothing even though I know I've been given a good coin.

You people are pretty messed up. You may not even know it.

Time to take the hopester I guess.


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