Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Plan Of Ours...

Good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing Okay I guess.  I am sensing one of those wait and see things going on.  You know how you make your plans, and hopefully have all your ducks in a row with your life, and everything is scheduled to the last minute??  Well, that is probably the best you can do for yourself in a World where that doesn't really count for anything. 

I believe in a plan, and one that is not of my making, because that really is what my life has been all about.  I did the other stuff before, and it really amounted to nothing.  When you live a life, and believe in all the fairy tales we have been sold down the line, it takes an Education in life to open you eyes to what life is really about. 

The lessons of life are hard lessons.  It takes a good eye, and it takes a strong heart, because you have to believe what you see, and you have to be willing to accept the tough stuff.  It really is all about plans too huh??  Trust and plans.  Do you trust you more to make a better plan than a plan made when taking a turn?? 

Tough stuff huh??  I want I want I want.  I am here to tell you You do want this.  I know it has been hard, because this blog has been going and going and going.  Quite a bit of it is been in the pulling direction.  It is hard too to probably get your head around everything, and all the lessons, and all the knowledge will be given to you. 

Some of my lessons were really really crazy crazy. and that was mostly to show me how really small and insignificant I really am.   I am cool with that.  Have been for always.  Always willing to believe the worst in myself if it was the truth.  The hardest things I have done though were really done for me.  I was taken over, to say and do the right things. 

As you stand now you see, and understand an element size of all that can be done.  Trust me, you want to see a World where everything is possible.  I know how this thing will go.  The final play so to speak.  It is a final, and a beginning.  It is the thing I searched for since the early 90's.  It was a thing denied then, because there was other stuff to do.  It was a thing denied 3 times again??   Yes 3 times.  It was denied, because this blog is "The Wait"  A heart content, is a patient heart, and patience, one of the building blocks, is definitely one of the things I have been given.  :)

We got to run early last night.  I am sure Jerry would have run 15 miles if I was up for it, but I pretty much doubled my mileage last week from the week before, so we did a 6.2 mile route around my house.  It is still December you know, and I'd like to stay healthy. 

My life, and what this means is this here.  My role in this whole thing is to help.  I try as best I can.  I need you people to be STRONG, and remain STRONG.  It works better that way, and it is easier for all involved.  It is going to be hard enough as it is anyway.  A life's journey is not an easy thing.  We have a lot to do, and not everything will be easy. 

xoxo.   :) 

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