Thursday, December 6, 2012

OMG Yesterday Was The Most Fantastic...

Ehhhh, not really.  Yesterday was just another day.  I have analyzed the ins and outs, and it appears I have done nothing that will get my name in the History Books.  Who would write it anyway??  I wonder if I could find someone to write something favorable the way that General P. did.   :)  That seems like it would be an objective viewpoint.  I'd never read that trash anyway. 

It was just another day like I said.  I worked around 9 hours.  I rode my bike to work, and Lisa and I were going to run an errand after work, but she got sick.  She went to Walgreens to pick up something or other, and I decided to be lazy, because she was going to be couch ridden.   I was lazy too.  I didn't do a damn thing.  I thought earlier in the day I'd get a little run in, but blew that off, and just chilled.  We watched the Food shows.  Those are so good.   :) 

I was going to cook dinner, but Lisa didn't want what I was going to make, so we ordered Pizza.  Now that tasted fricken good.  Haven't ordered from the place in a while.  I had a couple drinks.  I fell asleep early.  Lisa woke me up from a coma to take the dogs out.  I was coma irritable, and finally went to bed.  Now I am up early to do this thing. 

Yesterday was a big one I bet.  For all the pulling this blog has done, I think yesterday just knocked it out of the park.  Does it paint you in a corner??  Sure does.  The Sword is very black and white.  To find color there are some steps that need to be made.  Who knew it all came to trust.  I think back to my promise a long time ago.  The promise I would be saved out of any predicament I got myself in.  It really was a night of battle, although I didn't know it.  I was going to go in for a promotion.  It would set myself up perfectly in my eyes.  I was on my way to what I viewed would be a perfect life.  I prayed I want I want I want, But Your Will, not mine.  (The Battle was your Will not mine--HARD)   I was told to go into the interview and withdraw my name.  It was the wee hours this was happening, and I just prayed let me have courage.  I walked into the interview, shaking and nervous, and knowing I was to sound foolish.  I told them what I was told to do, and left.  I felt foolish, and ashamed, because I knew what those people thought.  Things like that don't happen do they?? 

I was obedient there, and I was obedient outside the garbage room at the Hospital.  Thus started the Summer of my Discontent.  Very little of that Summer was even important.  I knew the consequences of being disobedient.  There is one who lies, and would have you do this do that, or else.  He plays God.  He is the Father Of Lies, and it is He I had to overcome 3 times.  I have done it twice, and the 3rd is my final one.  I know how it goes, because there was a precursor.  I go on to do my thing, and he leaves me.  He is unwilling to go where the one who overcame went.  I made a lot of necessary steps.  Like the If I am destined to go to Hell, let me accept it as that which I deserve.  I am destined there, because I have to follow the one who overcame, because that is what I knew since the early 90's. 

The Math of the story is not favorable.  The Math Society, and Man would have you believe is favorable.  I say don't put your trust in Society and Man.  There is a Higher Knowledge and a Higher Wisdom that cannot be attained by man.  Gravity holds our thoughts down to the here and now seemingly. 

It has been a long journey, and it continues, and my heart has been blessed with the energy of several oxen.  You don't even want to know what that means. 

I have a crazy, but true story.  Most of it has been hidden for all these years, but there is one who knows my story.  One who lights my path.  When in life I get no support, I have all the support I need.  It is within me.

Oh, and when I go do my final thing, and The Worst of the Worst leaves me.  He will go somewhere.  He will still be here.  He is trapped now, but he can still do some crap.

Light is truth, and darkness is lies.  Strength is truth, and Strength is sometimes embarrassing, sometimes we feel weak, because all of us if we were to put ourselves up for judgement.  All that we have done, and continue to do, we'd fail.

Holy Crap is this a doozie, but whatevs.  truth is truth, even if it is scary, and well... scary.  None have actually done anything yet.

Good Luck.

Sorry, I had to write this big of one.  I don't like to.  I wish things could be easier, but you know this hard stuff here?  It does make us stronger.  Weeds out a bunch of crap you hold onto, and makes things easier in the long run.  We do hold onto a bunch of crap huh??  If I do this, and that, and this and that.  It is enough to tire a person out huh??  Rest comes when we let one do the work we are unable to do.

"Those who loved me are those who have done what I said."  The truth of obedience.  Faith is reckoned as what anyone???   Not your work.  The work I have done has been done for me.  I have done what I was told, and when I realized I cannot do anything without help I was saved from my miserable little self with power none can perceive.  I have continued doing this since.

Later all.   

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