Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Little Voice...

Good Morning all.  I took a couple days off from blogging, because this thing was going SOUTH, and going south fast.  Many ideas about that, but I will keep them to myself.  I guess I had some important posts, and probably posts that EVERYONE wanted to not see.  The same 'ol that cannot be can it?? 

So on we go.  I probably would have taken today off too, but someone heard a little voice.  This someone decided to start blogging again, and to be honest, that put me in a good mood.  To me it seems weird that just cause this person started blogging again, I was put in a better mood.  Then again there is a History.  A strange History probably, because when you get a look at it through normal'ish eyes it is Strange.

Why is she so important??  I think as people get older their minds get filled with more and more crap.  News, Newspapers, one-sided opinions, propaganda, advertising, not to mention poisonous Shit we all grow up with anyway.  I think this person probably has less of that than anyone.  She gets, angry, and mad, and gets mad at herself, but she is strong, and honest, and probably has more questions than answers.  It is the parts of us that are confusing, and things we have questions about that make us the better people, if we are honest about them, and open with them. 

Perhaps people are still looking for heroes and stuff, and guess what??  They are not there.  I don't believe in a look up to this person, because they did this or that.  The History of life is a History of SHIT.  Life isn't any better than it used to be, it is just hidden behind Society as it always has. 

People are still dependent on "how it has always been"   at least for us that "always" amounts to probably 20 years or so. 

It seems people are looking for Angels and Saints, and the better people out there to try and emulate.  In this World we all stand alone.  They are not there.   We are all pretty unspectacular.  Truth and Honesty is some hard hard shit.  There is security in numbers and following the pied piper I guess, but the journey is one where you are strong, and stand on your own two feet. 

That is it for today!!!    :)

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p.s.   Skipped my run last night, because of the late start, and I was a little sore from Tuesdays run.  Miles catching up, and we may have gone fast on Tuesday.  Jerry was de-stressing I thnk.  :)  It wasn't a hard run though, and I am faster now.

Love You All xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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