Sunday, December 23, 2012

How To Skin A Cat...

Good Morning.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  As usual, I have nothing to blog about today.  I don't think I will be an ass on here, but you never know. 

I sometimes look back on this thing with wonder.  I mean it is fine that this thing can go on and stuff, but I don't really want to put up with any SHITTY spots.  That makes me angry, and I don't think this thing really needs to be so hard. 

So much to do, and we hide so much.  We want us to look like a nice decorated pretty Christmas tree, although the chances are the tree is not real, and if it is real it is dead.  We decorate ourselves, but we are so much more on the inside.  It will take a bit of courage, and a lot of help to get to it. 

People have so much anger towards things, and why??  

Our lives are not perfect, and we are not perfect.  The bad parts of us, or the parts we wish were better are stronger than you.  You cannot make a better you.  It is not within your power. 

There is a direction things must go.  It is a personal one with you.  A life of your own.  Married or not you stand on your own two feet. 

So much to do. 

I wonder who will make the next step.  I am out of ideas, and I couldn't even guess. 

We shall see I guess. 

I am just here with this thing  to help.  I really can do very little, all the work is done elsewhere, and I just wait and watch and see. 


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