Friday, December 21, 2012

Drifting Away...

Good Morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I kinda don't feel like blogging today, but guess I will anyway.  Yesterday I could not wake up at all, and didn't blog.  Yesterday was a pretty good day all around.  Good work, made a good meal, had fun.  Same as in every day. 

I  feel I am drifting away from some people, because well, I am going in a certain direction.  With my thoughts, and how I feel.  I am leaving.  People are staying, and it is cool by me.  People who were important to me for a LONG time are staying too, and cool by me.  You stay you are no longer important to me.  The way I am now that would be your loss not mine.  I have been through a lot of hard times.  Hard times to make me learn, and know what I am about and stuff.  So far you people have done little, if not nothing. 

Is there another way???  No!! 

There is only one way, and that is the harsh and bitter truth.  There is nothing you can do to make it any different.  You are not the author of this story, and you are not the puller of the strings.  This way is a hard way, but it is worth everything.   This World is worth nothing. 

I say things like trust, and honesty, and strength are some of the best things in the World.  Those are some of the things that have been given me as I went on and did the tough stuff I had to do.  I did not plan the things I had to do.  The plan came from elsewhere, and even I don't even know the full reasons, and probably lost many lessons along the way. 

I am in good hands though.  The strength I have is a gift. 

Life is hard.  It has some tough lessons, and it takes strength to accept it. 

Good Luck. 

I izzzz outta here.  Time for some coffee, and maybe a game of chess.  I have a 4 day weekend this weekend.  Hopefully I can start running again.  Still got a knot in my back/butt/hip thingy. 

Laterzzzzzzzzz   Gaterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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