Friday, December 7, 2012

One Week From The Next...

Last week was this great week.  I got all my runs in +.  This week not so good.  Wednesday wasn't a big deal, because it isn't an important day.  Thursday is a big deal, because I called Jerry on Wed.  I told him hey let's do 8 or 9 miles.  After work, I called Jerry, and said something came up, and I cannot run.  The something that came up??  I didn't want to run.  One of those days I guess. 

Having said that though, I did see a guy running in the morning on my way to work.  Who runs at 4:30 AM???   besides me sometimes??  I love running in the morning, and I plan on doing that today.  :)  Before work.  A Loss here and a gain there. 

Life gets in the way of things sometimes, and you know what really happened??  All kinds of things, but my heart wasn't into it.  I thought well, I can do a quick run around my house instead.  As the day went on, and on, I realized that was a force job.  I did not want to run.  I just wanted to get a couple things done around the house, and relax.  That is what I did too. 

Do you ever listen to what you want to do??  What are things you want to do, as opposed to force yourself to do.  It is Okay for me to listen to myself once in a while, because I always come back.  I always get up right?? 

Yesterday was one of those posts I don't particularly like writing.  There is a lot of stuff in my head that I know, and a lot of it I don't really want to share.  It is good enough to know my thoughts, and things I see can be seen.  I am open.  For all the bad things that can happen, and all the hard days I endured, it is comforting being as I am. 

Why my path had to be so hard, I don't know.  It is like a race though.  You know how it has hard parts, and you suffer etc...  While you are doing it you probably think this sucks.  Worst thing ever.  Why do I do this??  Afterwards you feel great.  At the end of the race everything seems so fun and easy right??  It is kinda where I am right now.  I forgot how hard the race was, but  mostly just have fun now.  There are hard steps though, and that is where trust comes in, because There is a guider, and a teacher, and a helper, and all these things.  Willing to do everything for you.  If you let him.  There is a lot to do too.  The one who can change hearts can lead you on the path you must go. 

With that I will finish my coffee, and get a little 4 mile run in before work.  Is there anything better???

I think not. 

Have a great one all.  Happy Weekend to all.  :)


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