Friday, November 30, 2012

Free'd Up...

Morning all.  How's it going?? Me, I am doing pretty good.  I had a really good day yesterday.  What more can one ask??  I don't really have a lot on my mind, but I am going to get some coffee, and see what happens.  brb...

Ever have one of those days where you find yourself up early, and you have a lot to do?? You know there is plenty of time to run to work, but you planned on running that night, so you find yourself doing dishes at 3:30 AM, and riding your bike to work in sub: 40 degree weather??  Yeah... those days.  

Anyway I had a crap load to do around the house.  You know the usual.  Clean some, dishes, put new tube on Winter bike, etc...   I got everything done I wanted to, and found myself with time, and my head turning. 

You see it was sunny, and close to 50 degrees.  I was running with Ken and Jerry, our normal 6.5 mile route.  What if???  So I mapped out a little running route, that had me do a little loop around my house, and run to where we meet up.  That little run was 5 miles.  Our first stop on our 6.5 mile route is right by a cemetery by my house.  I mapped a run to cemetery and back home, and that was another 3.5+ mile run.  So I added, and finished all before 6:00 PM.  Win/Win. 

That is the anatomy of a good day... for me.  Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is pretty much mine.  :)

As to my title of being free'd up.  I don't always agree with everything I read from bloggers, and lately unless your name is Sarah, I may not have commented as frequently as I have in the past.  That doesn't mean anything.  You all know my love for race reports too.  Especially Triathlon ones.   ;)

I have come to the conclusion not everyone reads blogs as much as me.  Not that I do it a lot, but I typically will read whatever pops up in my reader that day, or early the next morning.  People like comments on blogs, and I don't really see why people don't do it more often.  I do it a lot... typically, but not all the time. 

Anyway, My blog is an ongoing process of me feeling important, and that what I do is important, and me feeling this is really just a minor minor thing in the scheme of things.  Maybe a microcosm of us all.  Some days we feel all that, and others, we are just this little thing in the World. 

I know the battle being waged with you.  It is all about the wisdom to change the things I can, and the humility to accept things I can't.  Most people still have it wrong. 

Wanna know how??   You still want to show what you can do, instead of letting one show you what can be done.  The battle with you.  The battle of do you, can you, and will you trust??

Free'd up means, I really don't need to do anything.  :)

Have a good one.  :)   xo

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