Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Morning All.  Today is vote day, and I am a totally uninformed voter... at least as far as all these dumb proposition thingys.  No idea what any of them mean, and I am a bad Michigander I guess.  I guess I should care to invest a little time in it, but guess it isn't that important to me. 

There are sides to each argument I am sure, and I am never one to trust Big Business.  Pick your poison right??  What is more Dangerous Big Business or Big Gov't??  Pro Business people don't realize it is actually Big Business which ruins Economical growth.  So a vote from the poor people siding with Big Business Propaganda is probably against their best interests.  Big Business won't save you from anything, and either will Big Gov't.  Election time is so filled with propaganda of various sorts it can make a person sick. 

Looking at Nate Silver's thingy, it looks like he has Obama winning if the polls are correct.  It makes sense.  I don't think Republicans really think Romney is the fix for all their hopes and dreams.  Fact is the Right did not put up a good candidate.  In the end I guess I'd trust the reins of the Gov't to be in the hands of smart people.  Presidents who are not  how do you say driven intellectually do not make good Presidents.  They can be taken down a bad path easily.  Easily succumb to bad info.  Easier to make dumb mistakes. 

Anyhoo,  I am uninformed as far as that goes.  If Romney does win, I don't see big huge improvements in anything. 

Our life is us though huh??  We could just as easily been born in Syria or somewhere.  Our lives, and our outlook would look a lot different.  If you were  born in Syria what would you do to make sure your life mattered??  Who knows right?? 

If you were born in America, what would you do to make sure your life mattered?? 

Well, you are doing it.  Somehow someway we are on a path/journey to a life that matters.  It is a learning life.  It is a life where our eyes are opened, and a life where all is possible.  Every day is a new day, and we can learn new things every day, and see new things every day. 

So here is to us.  :)

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