Friday, November 2, 2012


WOAH!!  I remember last year coming toward the end of the year, I think I needed to blog the last 3 days to hit 300 entries.  As of yesterday's post I was at 235.  You know what that means??  No 300 this year.  Now that is a bit strange.  I wonder why that is??  Last year was definitely a tougher year.  I tried sprouting off in different directions, not always successfully.  Not to mention I had to deal with some personal life stuff. 

I looked back at January 31 2011, and I still had most of my signature line.  :)   LOL.  It is a little different now. 

I haven't gone back this year, but I have a feeling if there is a theme I could put on this year it would be trust. 

Want to know what I don't feel??  TRUST.

So I back awaay.  Without trust you have nothing as I have said before, and I can walk away from all this shit.  I don't need to see my name out in blog land.  I could give a fuck.  If I didn't wake up most days to do this damn thing I wouldn't do it. 

So I will wait and I will see. 

See what your life is about. 


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