Friday, November 23, 2012

What Was I Walking Into??

Well, this is definitely a different "day after" this year, than the other 2.  I remember 2 years ago the night before, I said I was scared, but woke up the next morning not scared.  Ready.  Last year I don't even remember.  I was ready to do what I eventually have to do though.  Now that takes help for sure. 

What a crazy long journey this has been huh??  I knew of this thing I had to do, since even before the Hospital in the early 90's.  To be honest I never believed I had a future for several years now.  I know a lot of the hidden story.  I do not know when I must do my thing.  Not in my time that is for sure.  Not of my doing either.  That I know.  It will be done for me, and I even had a precursor of how it would go too. 

Remember the worst of the worst is unwilling to go where the one who overcame went.  That is where my strength will come from.  Another year... at least.    I would have never predicted. 

So what is in store this year??  I have no idea.  We will see though.  Things still are not 100% clean are they??  I have no idea, but if last year was trust, than perhaps this year will be strength.  We build up strength of each of you, because We all can use it huh?? 

I cannot remember how this year went compared to last year.  Harder easier??  Must have been easier I bet, but it still gets sloppy here and there. 

I can tell you one thing though, I really cannot even imagine what this next year will bring.  You kind of have to marvel at the possibilities huh?? 

One of the lessons of life is all our best laid plans can be laid to waste by anything.  Your 5-10-20 year plans will be full of things outside of your control.  On our run yesterday I said if people would just worry about things they can control there would be a lot less stress huh?? 

Wars, the price of gas, you name it, what can you really control?? 

One question why would I be walking into this bad thing the last two day afters, and not this one??  I have no idea.  I don't care.  I have a heart that trusts.  It was given to me a few summers ago when I couldn't go anymore.  A gift.  Blessed are the pure in heart, and I cannot even tell you what it means.  I see it, and I feel it, but it would be impossible to explain. 

My life and the way I am now a lot of the worry is gone, because I have been led on this life.  A life full of struggles, and Trials, and Tribulations, and the journey has left me full of trust.  Every word is tested right?? 

I could give you a phrase.  I have given it before, but I won't now.  It has a promise, and it says all I ever wanted I will get.  I am done except for the waiting.  We wait, because we pick up more,  strengthen some, and keep going.  All that needs to be done will get done, because the author of the story will see to it. 

It should be a good one this year, and we will learn a lot about each other.  What more can one ask??

That is it for today!!!    :)

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Love You All!!!    :)

p.s.   This work day does kind of suck.  It is crazy busy for a while, and then you just do what you can to clean up the mess.  I don't get to do my job though, and seems I run out of things to do.  Oh well...

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