Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Goals.

Morning all.  How's it going?? Me, I am doing pretty good.  My goals on Friday are nothing.  Get to bed early is all.  Lisa closes, and I cook myself a dinner.  Yesterday I made something Lisa doesn't like.  Cajun Breaded Catfish.

My goal in sleeping early is just to wake up early.  Done, and done.  Yesterday wasn't the best day.  It wasn't horrible, it was just boring.  You know those days where you are bored with the internet??  The wine isn't really doing it.  Maybe I should have done something around the house, but I have my routine.  I got a lot done Thursday, and we are doing some stuff outside today.

I know yesterday was a doozy, and I have lived a life.  I have gone through many things for whatever reasons.  Not all things were easy.  This year has been the blog of trust, and trust means so many things.  If I say I trust you there is no better compliment I can give.  Life is pretty fluid.  What I have learned in my years is I was not the builder, manufacturer, manipulator, creator, or anything to my life.  It was going through a hard time after College.  Dealing with death, and break ups, and what the Hell am I supposed to do now??

I found myself alone, and I was okay with that.  Always kinda being a religious person (read the Bible) I wanted to make me the best person ever.  I was creating a simple life for myself.  Work, come home and read the Bible.  The mirror was given to me at this point, so I guess I already made the turn.  I looked at what I thought a good and decent person was, and I did not feel I was him.  Actually the more I looked the worse I thought I was.  We all have an internal sword, and mine was definitely full of the real sword we have at our disposal.

The journey I have done has taught me a lot.  You know how it says the truth will set you free??  It seems simple enough huh??  Truth is not all sugar and spice.  Truth of the world has a story of Anne Frank right??  Look what her life amounted to.  How could she have molded things so her life was better??  There wasn't much huh??

Truth honesty, and all that stuff is hard.  Life is hard.  Society is imperfect, Governments are imperfect, and people blindly put all their faith in that.

I trust you to be able to see you.  Brace yourself for life's hard lessons.  Don't expect all lessons about life to be made of sugar and spice.  Some shit is hard.

You see strength is truth.  Our World is full of alll kinds of "life is supposed to be like this crap".  Life is what you are doing today.  You are living it, and live it with your eyes open.

We are not perfect.  None of us, so we should be able to accept all.  Be thankful you are not a victim of bad information.  You know the type who want to blow people up, because their life sucks.  Societies and Governments really have made a lot of people's life harder than it need be.  Ours included.  Don't follow them on their path.  It leads nowhere.  Our journey is us.  This leads somewhere.  Okay??

That is it for today!!!    :)

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Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

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Love You All!!!    :)

p.s.  early Saturday = 4 miles with the Hopester before I meet up for 6.  A perfect start.  :)

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