Saturday, November 24, 2012

So That is What Sleeping In Is Like...

Morning all/ almost afternoon'ish for me.  I slept/stayed in bed 'til after 7:00.  WOWZERS!!  To be honest it felt pretty good.  Although I'll miss running with my normal crew this morning, and maybe running all together today.  Maybe not, but it feels really good.  Of course I typically feel pretty good no matter when I wake up. 

So anyway I really have a lot to do today.  Thursday is kinda like get a lot of my weekend stuff done around the house, but this Thursday was Thanksgiving, and well, I was lazy to say the least.  What are Holidays for??  Friday was a pretty long day of work, because really all I did was walk around, and help people.  A different day of work than any other. 

So I think about this upcoming year, and life and stuff, and I guess as we move forward everything will fall into place.  Whatever that means.  It will be a year of working on trust and strength as always, as those are two very important things.  Of the things we can control, probably our honesty is the one, because trust comes from the heart, and that is outside of our control.  If it was in our control wouldn't we like everybody??  Wouldn't we be nice to everybody??  Our hearts are all pretty imperfect in we don't trust motives, and we sure cannot walk in another person's shoe.  I look at some people's lives who have lived by me, and I can see it leads to depression, and lack of confidence, etc...  I learned over these past several years is you cannot make a person do smart things.  They have to go on their own, and do their own thing.  Even with my brother Jim, I was the last person he could count on.  I was spent.  I couldn't do it anymore.  

It goes to show you too we as people can really do SO VERY LITTLE.  My journey has given me strength, and trust, that I can let go. 

I have a heart that trusts, and a heart with the strength to accept.  Ooops, life made a little turn here.  Okay, let's work with this, and see what happens.  I guess I have a heart that is willing to deal with the things that happen too.  Knowing I have shortcomings, I know I get mad, and stuff sometimes.  I show it though, because everything is known anyway.  Even the stuff we try to hide.  That is one thing of a pure heart I can tell you though.  It hides nothing.  Lets everything be seen.  From our heart comes our thoughts, and I let that all be seen.  If I have dark times it gives me comfort to know everything is seen.

Life is so full of all kinds of things, and you miss out if you don't bother looking at you.  That is what I think anyway. 

That is it for today!!!    :)

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p.s.  Who blogs in the late wee hours of 8:00 AM???    ;)

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