Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wait, You Mean You Are Not Perfect??

Geesh, you get to know people. Lives are all kinda messed up. My life boils down to work, eat, sleep. There isn't much more to it. I've become pretty good friends with someone. Most if my shit I do in the open, but on this rare occasion we've become friends through more private means. I knew she had a story, but WOAH. Glad I added her to stuff on my blog, cuz she is way different than you would think. Her life is 900 million times more complicated than you would think.

Anyway I was thinking about her life compared to others, and I cannot imagine how other people are.  I wouldn't know jack about her, but I sorta helped her in a small way several years back. She was going through a rough patch, and holy shit it never ended.

Anyway life is imperfect. Many times shit gets fucked up. People can be cruel to each other. One day you say "til death do us part" and years later it is the war of the roses. Sheesh.

I am lucky my life is simple. She asked how my fairy tale was going. I told her work, eat, sleep.  :)

I wasn't going to blog today, but I decided to get up anyway. I think about people's lives. I know they aren't perfect, and I know your heart isn't perfect. You want meaning. This life to matter. What if the truth is life doesn't matter. All the labor we do =nothing. You can labor labor labor, but you will not come out perfect.

My story is perfect is a thing. It isn't in our power to achieve it, but it is possible.  A thing to ponder. Our lives will never be perfect on their own, and your less than perfect story we do not know.

You will never go any further in life til you can share the dark part of you, which is basically your life.

To show your vulnerable side that all can judge. It takes bravery, confidence, and strength. Of all these things you lack.

Til this day you still are missing out on what can be the better part of you.

But hey life right??  Whatever we are doing is important'ish right??  Do you want to ask the tough question??

Am I and my life important??  Don't turn from what your heart tells you. You are a long ways from the truth. The World misguides us, and we are afraid of what our heart will tell us.

Nothing we do really matters in the grand scheme of things, cuz we all end at some point. We leave this place. We leave this place that is hard to live in, and it is the people who make it so hard. The people wear suits and smile and their hearts are treacherous.

I just can't believe you don't see it.

Oh well.

I don't feel like typing my ending, so let's just pretend I did k??   :)

Laterzzzz.   :)


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