Friday, March 25, 2016

I Have Less Than Nothing To Write About Today.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going? Me I am okay, but my cats are driving me nuts. As this week goes on I've been disinterested in the internet. Maybe that is normal. I drive to work yesterday, and changed my change. Our credit union does it for free, which is nice. Banks stopped doing that shit for some reason. I was glad to see our credit union start doing it again. I made a couple rib eyes and double baked mashed potatoes with our "free" money.  :)

Work was summer time busy cuz if the holiday, but we were able to finish early. I took Hope for a rainy short run in the morning, and watched some more it's always sunny in Philly episodes. Had some wine, and slept early.

Today is Friday. I work my other two jobs this weekend so that is that. Some more days in my life.

So what else is going on??  Not much. People remain the same. Nothing has changed. I wonder how many people have unexplained anger seemingly always in them??  You know, being around people is being around dumb people who have no clue what they are doing. A lot??

In your life you will see a lot of people who are always complaining about something. What causes that?? I can get angry I guess, but a lot of times it is when people put too much value in other people I think. People put on a pedestal is not a good thing. The World does that though. The World has put people in a caste system on its own.

Who is in the best spot in the caste system in finding the truth of life??  I imagine the thief was probably in the best spot cuz he wasn't a saint, and he knew it. (Most of your shortcoming). He also had nothing in life to cling to. His life was over, and there was nothing left. His labor was short. He saw his end, and reviewed his life. His heart was strong to accept the truth.

Other people in the World will never get to be the thief without the turn.  The World is pretty busy too, so there are a lot of bells and whistles you need to chase.

So I come from a pretty full life. I have a message that was given me. Through my trials I learned much. Through other things I learned more. I've been given a message that is not my own. I labor with a labor that is not mine.

I do a job I surely could not do without my help. I don't know what the heck people are doing. Hardly anyone blogs anymore, and maybe their life has nothing important to blog about. I have no clue.

Maybe all our lives are boring, and who wants to write about boring lives??  Maybe people will see we are not Saints, and that is scary.

I don't know. I know all people live imperfect lives, and you are powerless to change that in you. So how do you dress it up??

The direction you are supposed to go is too tough for you. You don't have good vision, and you don't have enough courage. There are not enough bloody Mary's in the World to get to the bottom of you.

The best in the World are the ones who know they aren't right, but want better for themselves. The worst in the World are the ones who are right, and everyone else is wrong.

Your weakness is a strength cuz it is the truth. An anger stemmed from arrogance is probably a tough thing to overcome.

Anyways it's Friday, so that is that.

Not feeling all that other stuff so laterzzz

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