Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Slept In Again.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me I am okay. I slept in again today. I am starting to like it.  It all depends on when you sleep I guess. I stayed up a little later than normal.

It is NCAA time, and I did a bracket with work, and the online one I have done for several years in a row. My picks aren't sexy. No huge upsets at all. I paid attention to the Big 10 this year a bit, but can't say I watched many games. uNC is my winner, and it isn't cuz I watched any of their games. I don't even remember who won it last year now that I think of it.

Life goes on though. A lot of our lives are hidden. A lot of our thoughts too. We are supposed to be a certain way, but are we inside??  Personally I am not perfect. It is out of my reach. I am viewed and seen though, and I am not afraid of being imperfect. It helps knowing it is out of reach. Also it helps knowing I am viewed by one who knows it. It also helps I have been on the path I've been on for probably 25 years or so. The path to perfection.

Overcoming the 2nd time really put me on good ground. I don't know where you people stand. I've been doing this a while, and now I wonder if people even know how to blog anymore. Afraid of getting judged??  You aren't perfect so maybe everyone is a little afraid. As to life's balance you don't have it. Others may be better than you at stuff, but I wanted you to be better at telling your story.

Toughness is not from waking up at the butt crack of dawn to run your dog. Toughness comes from telling your story that isn't perfect. The courage had to be given to you, cuz humans are too weak to stand up to judgement.

Your story is the best part about you, but the least you'd like to share. Life isn't about races and such. That is just shit you do. Life is about all the things you neglect while training for races. Your races are a flaw in you. You have put too much importance in them, and you wonder why it doesn't seem so important anymore.

Life is an avenue of failure. Every turn but one is wrong. The road to perfection you don't make. What you counted on being important isn't.

Pretty crazy

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