Thursday, March 24, 2016

Who Knows Where This Will Go.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing fine. I have absolutely nothing on my mind, do who knows what will come out. Yesterday was pretty standard. I took Hope early, and actually biked to work and back in got drizzled on a bit in the way home. It was an East wind too, so glad I did. Today I am driving cuz rain for sure. 100% chance. I can run a couple errands though.

Yesterday was just another day, as is the theme of my life. I watched several episodes of its sunny in philly. Been a while. That show is so ridiculous.

So there you have it. That is my day. Really your lives aren't any more exciting than mine. What makes life fun??  Personality??  Humor??  Yesterday I was pretty bored at the internet. I scanned once when I got home, blah. Once a bit before bed, and this morning when I got up.

So, not much is going on. I am a bit cynical today I guess. There is very little I consider important. I don't place more value in people than I should. Myself either. I don't consider myself a Saint or any other.  I don't place any more value in life things than I should.

I don't always trust people's motives.  It isn't always a good attribute of mine. I thought my step-mom was kinda a hypochondriac when she complained about neck pain for a year, and it turns out she had terminal cancer. Her dying was a big part of my life, but now it is nothing. Heck I used one year + maybe a bit to mourn my brother's death now that is over.

I am cold hearted kinda. My life has all been gone through. I am past everything so now there is nothing really significant in my life. It is a simple, yet imperfect life I lead. Seems like we make it simpler and simpler.

I have nothing to achieve really, cuz I don't need any man made awards. I am strong as I am. You are either with me or not, and that is your choice.

My life has been for a purpose, and that comes before all. The World and society have rules, but I have no use for them. My purpose is higher than this World. I dropped everything really for this purpose. That bad summer it would have been no thing to walk away from everybody and everything. Actually I did too.

In my path one comes before all others. It is the World's trap of unwritten rules that make our web so hard. There only is one way out, and it is a way of blind trust. I ain't saying it ain't scary or nerve racking,  cuz it is. It is a quid pro quo. One coin for a better one. The worst part of it is not many had this message. So that is a bit of a bother. You don't get much help before giving up the coin. That comes later. You do get a bit of help. Your eyes should have a pretty good vision of this World. You should be able to see you pretty good.  Other than that it really is up to you.

You have the message though. That can be good or that can be bad. You are at the beginning too. You haven't seen anything yet. You might not either, cuz not all of you will come, so...

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)  

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

xo's!!!    :)

Love You All!!!    :)

p.s.  I guess I can take the Hopester.  It will be like 6 of 7 days.

Love You All xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ya'All are the best xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Extras of these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Luv ya's.   :)

MWAH.  :)))

xxoo.   :)

Now for really  really cya cya cya     :D     :D

Laterzzzzz Gaterzzzzzzz.  :)

Aloha.   :)

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