Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Crazy Day.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I got a good night sleep, and that is really how I want to start all days. I look at my life, and I realize much of my life is simple. Still yet I am not perfect. I am actually a little loony really. It was like way long ago, I was alone. My life was simple, so I set out to make me the best person in the World.  It was out of reach.  I couldn't do it. A lot of the  shit inside me I did not want. So perfection is out of reach. If I can draw comparisons of now and then way back when I became the thief, but I didn't want that end. I was afraid of my imperfection. I may have to repent again. I am not sure. My heart is not able to repent as I am now. Too much confidence. Too happy. If I have to repent again my heart will be taken there. It is not in my power. No way.

It is repentance that leads to life, and that seems simple, but our hearts are out of our control. If they were in our control wouldn't we be perfect. People often rationalize some type of sacrifice or some type of longevity reward. I worked hard at this so I deserve this. I've been married for such and such time so I deserve this. Everyone always has some type of sword in them. The true sword will lead you to repentance.  It gives you the correct vision.

I have no idea what my days will look like when I go do my last thing. Not sure what I have to do, but it will be done for me. I am powerless. If it was up to me I would have done it decades ago. It is a bad World, and we are not perfect. Those who bring kids in the World bring more people who are not going to be perfect. You'll see none of those 12+1 did and for good reason.

In the Old Testament you'll see it says be fruitful and multiply. The law is spiritual so the NewTestament spoke of a Spiritual stuff. You'll see bare good fruit, and you can tell a tree by its fruit and so on. It really is about turning one coin into 5 or 10.  Those who have had or are having kids with access to this did a wrong thing. It makes your life and journey harder.  It is how I can tell people are still on the path of them.

Given good information they clung to them self.  The worst part is I am who I am. Strong and confident. Assured of my ways although I remain imperfect til this day. Outside of this blog here I have no idea what silly shit I'll do the rest of the day. Sometimes important stuff will come out, and sometimes just stupid shit.

My path is with a promise. All for good means I am a good tree. I can only bare good fruit, because I can be worked with. Like Adam before the fall I am faithful with unrighteous mammon if you will. Not perfect, but still accepted. It is how all the others were too. They weren't perfect, but they were accepted. There was one who was perfect. I'll go in his direction. I'll be the thief, but I will turn into another.

The best a person can be. Currently that is out of our power.

Anyways, sorry to you all I am not perfect. Always had a crazy streak in me I guess.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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