Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some Monday Fun.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I got a good night sleep, and that is pretty much how I want to start out every day. Yesterday I had done things I could do at home, but it was 64° out so I didn't. I just chilled out with Hope outside, and to day I'll get stuff done. Not really a biggie. I guess you can say I just had fun.

Now that I think about it I really don't have much to blog about, but do I ever??  I guess one weird thing about me that you don't understand is my life is way different than yours. Your life in your mind is still a thing. My life is my story. My story ends in a certain way. It is the end of the current version of me, and the beginning of the new version of me.

It is at this point the World will hate me. I will be the enemy of the World. At this point I will be stronger than the World, and I will be the best a person can be. That must seem like crazy talk, but it is my story. It started way long ago, and I have known my final thing for a couple decades. Actually 1/4 century probably. All I kept hidden inside me, cuz that is how it was to be. Honestly there was no way for me to tell my story. It was locked inside me til the proper time.

The proper time started several years ago. I have to overcome 3 times. Suffer as others have done before, and that is my job. Those who may read know it isn't really me who overcomes. The strength and power come not from me. I am kinda along for the ride. The only thing I did that was important is the turn I made overcoming myself. The thing you have problems with. The promise after that was I would be rescued out of every web I get tangled in. Most of these webs are Spiritual in nature.

My labor was hard, and scary, and now not so much. So there is me. I totally know my direction, and what I am doing, and there is you. Living your life, and doing things. Trapped in the webs of life we all get trapped in. Not free to do as you choose, cuz that is what life is. Also your heart is not as content as can be, cuz that is not in your power. The best things in life are not in our power to grab. The happiness we all want is not ours to take.

It really is a pretty crazy thing knowing the futility of life before the needle. Actually life after the needle is quite scary living poor in Spirit is no joke. You are vulnerable to everything especially in the beginning when I suffered much at the hands of the worst of the worst. One overpowers him, and that is where my strength comes from. My journey was a trust building one trials and tribulations, there were two trials and many tribulations, and now I have one more trial. It is the real deal. Condemned, and going where no one wants to.

As I've said before that is where understanding comes. That is where this slave becomes a King. A spiritual one. I caught a glimpse of that power several years ago. It was the comic book version kinda. Trials and Tribulations are not comic book version things are real, and that shit is real scary. Facing your own condemnation. One of the blessings is being persecuted for the sake of righteousness. I call it these days being right. Right now being right is me standing accepted not perfect. Like Adam before the Fall, but that is not my end. I am seen, and looked at. His eyes do not turn their back on me. It is what happens when you overcome the 2nd time.

Anyway this is not over. I have to do my final thing, and I am happy to do it. All my good qualities come not from me.

So yeah a big disconnect between you and I. There just isn't much important going on. You were born in this World, and you've toiled since. We deceive ourselves to our importance. It took life for me to question things, unfortunately you people are too perfect to ever have any doubts of your own importance and your life.

Hard dealing with Saints. How can one ever get through.

Anyway, I am out.


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