Saturday, March 5, 2016

So That Is How It Looks.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I realize now we are in a different area. Having all the walls down is quite the trip I tell you. Did not see this happening, but I guess it was supposed to. What I've known all along is we don't have any redeeming qualities really, and now it will hit home. The World is going to look ugly. It will look dirty. People may seem inadequate, and trey are. We are. We all fall short of who we "should" be. You'll find the web that was so important to you. All the things you tangled yourself in, just aren't that important. You'll want to try and hold on, but like I read elsewhere the tail is wagging the dog.

None of it matters. It isn't really that important. In going to the dark side you will see there is no life. None of this shit matters. Going down this hole is where you do find life. Out of your darkness you will eventually find the light, but the source is not you.

With the walls down you should be able to see you don't matter. If you go, who cares??  Will the World stop??  The World still is a piece of shit, so what is your mark??  What is your legacy??  People with the walls down are just the same as you. The shell you used all your life for protection is gone.

So now what??  You used family as a crutch, but those 12 stepped away from everything to follow. Careers, jobs, family. None of them ever went to Church cuz those were filled with false teachers. They followed blindly. They really were not worth anything. Afterwards they had their things to do. Hidden, and unknown.

Anyway it is like John the Baptist is out preaching in the Wilderness. There is nothing good here. John cannot do his job cuz your hearts are too hard. You cling to your web cuz you didn't trust. Now the walls are down and we see you for who you are.

Yep, we've definitely hit the dark side. The redeeming traits are nowhere near.

You failed.

Now you are at the mercy of one.

I don't matter either cuz I am cool with or without you. I dropped everything to follow. I blindly trusted, not knowing where it was leading. I don't know if I was that broken, or my heart was just that smart. I cannot tell.

I have become a fisherman, and I had to wait for the right time. That recurring dream that one Summer was the fish were bad. I always wondered what it meant. My time had to wait. I had to wait til the rivers and lakes were filled with the right fish that time is now, it is you.

Those willing anyway. Many fall away, and I don't care. No biggie to me, cuz I do what I do. You have no part in this equation, cuz I have a job to do, and I do it.

We'll see who will come along. I don't really know.

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p.s. I kinda wonder where all the bloggers went too. I don't worry too much about it. When my time came I searched for a purpose. I found that. It's been quite the trip. Quite the journey. You see with the walls down I still am strong. I didn't need the shell. I told you I've been in a good spot since the wait started. You have stuff to do.

Love You All xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Extras of these xoxoxo

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