Saturday, November 30, 2013

It Is Like A Brand New Blog, and A Brand New Me...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??   Me, I am doing okay.   I am going to take the Hopester for a run in a bit.  it is sunny, and 36 degrees, which this time of year is perfect running conditions.  One of the things in the Winter is you don't have to get your runs in early, because of the heat later.  Actually it may be better to wait.  So that is good. 

Work went pretty well last night.   I had to make some "executive" decisions.   We were a person short, on a night where we could have used 5 and not 3.   A big promo change weekend, so a truck just threw up in the back room.  So I brought out what we I thought the 3 of us could do, and still reasonably get the store looking good for Saturday.   It actually went pretty smooth.   We finished just a little after 7:00, which is when we are scheduled til.  It seems the people there assume we are always just going to stay til 8:00 even though we are scheduled til 7:00.   Most of the employees don't appreciate it.   Schedule says 7:00 we should try to stick to that as much as possible.

On a truck night when we get slammed none of us mind staying late to the get the job done, but if we are just doing stupid crap work  just because, then that seems dumb.  

Anyway, so we did okay.   The back room looks like crap, but it always does when the end caps and "the wall" switch on the same weekend.  The store looked good, and we did what we could.   How did that get received??  Well, first guy in wanted to breathe fire down my throat.   "There was a grocery load", he said.   I was like "yeah we were down a man so I kept a couple skids of paper product, and the bulk stuff in back."   Bulk stuff stays back anyway.   He understood right away.  I guess I am supposed to do something with cigarettes when they come in, and some other thing that nobody ever bothered telling me. 

What happened then??  Oh just some mean girl who works there went off on me.   You are supposed to do this and that and this and that.   No one told me.   So she says, "And you are in charge??"   Well I didn't take to her bitchiness to well.   I don't like mean people, and I already didn't like her, so she is in the shit house.  

Let's see what it means I am in charge.   I give the manager days off.   I get paid zero cents extra for doing it.   Yeah, I do it for a favor, and I am only as good as I am trained.  I cannot do what no one ever told me before.   FFS.   So I have to put up with that shit, all for a measly  zero incentive, and zero money.   Now you know how crazy of a MF'er I am.  

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.   I also saw tonight we only have two people on, so that sucks ass.  I guess I am just getting the shaft this weekend, and dealing with mean people to boot.  yay. 

This is a new blog, and it is a new me in a way.   All the things you may have seen before you probably won't.  At least that is how I feel now.  It doesn't matter, nothing means nothing anyway.   I can't get that through people's minds.  You want to hold onto this World, and your life, because...   well not sure.   I don't really care.   I have a blog, and a job to do, and I continue to do it.   Everything matters in life, and many of you have lived a life, and you want to forget about your past, because of past mistakes and what not.   Everything is alive, and viewed, and seen, and you cannot run away from you.  

Good thing about my blog and my life is the very very very little I can do.   Just going to do my thing, and we will see if people come with or not.  

At any given moment, I can make any given life turn.   I don't hold on.   Been that way since forever, and it wasn't me who made me this way.  

Oh well.   have fun, and we'll see you later.  

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