Friday, November 29, 2013

What I Did On My Thanksgiving Break...

Hello, and good morning.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay I guess.   I know my title sounds like I did all these great things, but I didn't do crap.  Yesterday was just the icing on the cake.   I woke up early, and decided to go back to bed.  I slept til like 8:00 or so.   I was planning on running, but didn't.   I sat on my ass and didn't do a damn thing the whole day.   I was playing stupid games on my phone to be honest. 

That isn't really anything different than most Thanksgivings.   Lisa and I typically are pretty lazy.  We had a turkey and stuff, and stuffing, and dressing, and even more stuff, but I didn't eat it all.   Hailey made everything. 

I had to work last night at midnight, so I wanted to nap, and I was so lazy I couldn't even do that.   I was tired when I got home today. 

Anyway it is Thanksgiving here, and a start of a new year for me.   I find life to be tremendously boring at times, so don't expect me to be all excited about all the wonderful  stupid opportunities of great things there are to do in this World.   I have looked at the World.  I have seen what it has to offer, and people keep searching for meaning here.   There isn't any.   This life and this World is one of the silliest things ever.  We still try to wrap it up in a nice package huh??  Put on our pretty wrapping, and a nice ribbon, and bow, and say hey lookeeeee  here.   See my life??    Didn't I do everything right??  


So what is in store for this year??  I have absolutely no idea. What was last year about??   Did people even do anything??   Anyone get stronger?? Anyone get wiser???   Anyone get more courage???  Most people just got another year older.  One more step closer to the grave.  

What do you expect out of life??   You have been living it long enough I think, how is it going to get better??   How are you going to fill your day with shit that matters?? 

I don't know about this blog.   Last year we stressed strength and trust, and this year we didn't accomplish one damn thing.   More me, me, me.  

So this year we will be starting the 5th year of the blog.   Wonder what this year has in store??   I looked, and I will not hit 300 blog entries this year, and won't hit 290.  I may hit 280.   So many missed blogging days.   :)

LOL.    well anyway, I am just getting something down.  

Have fun, and be good, and I looked at my schedule, and after my 3 days off I am scheduled 6 days in a row.   YIKES.   Tonight will be a hard night, and tomorrow.   Sunday will not be a piece.... ehhhh,  all the work days are pretty hard kinda.  

That is fine though.   Lisa and I are doing fine.   Living the life we have been living forever.  Nothing too stressful.  Lisa's brother Brian will be coming to visit for a few months this summer.   He'll be visiting with us and Greg, and stuff.   That should be fun. 

Other than that not much going on.  

Laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   :)

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