Friday, November 22, 2013

What Do You Think??

Well that was weird.   Anyway, good morning.  I'd say how's it going, but I don't really care how anyone is doing.   I am getting bored.  

This thing here has got to be boring, because I do it so often, and I know I am not very interested in what other people are doing, especially if you get the feeling they think what they do is important, or actually even matters. 

People really are scared little beings huh??  Afraid to be open about ourselves.  Afraid to take a real hard and honest look at our lives, and the significance, or actually lack of significance in what we do.  People must know their shortcomings, because instead of dealing with that shit they would rather just go out and change the World.   I am like, who do you think even finds you that interesting, or your ideas that great that anyone even cares??? 

The World is a very big place, and Society has a lot of pull, and you are just one little person in this World, and like me nothing what we do is really all that significant.  

People are always trying to make some kind of self perceived giant step, instead of one small one.   Always looking to improve by looking outward instead of inward.  Is it scary to look inward??   Are you afraid to show what you see, or are you afraid to even look?? 

I don't know these days there is only a few things that are interesting, and very few people.   Why does no one want to look into the mirror of their soul??  Too scary??  Afraid to look at your demons eye to eye??   Afraid of what really it is that overpowers you?? 

Well there is a lot that overpowers you.   You are a weak and silly human being living in this shitty World where there is nothing of any significance at all.   You want to find your place in this World, and there is nothing here.   This place is a shit hole filled with nothing. 

So there is nothing here of any significance, no matter how hard you pretend.   You have your demons that overpower you on a daily basis.   What are you going to do??

What is to be done?? 

A lot needs to be done, but people seemingly turn a blind eye, because if it is less scary living a fabulous life than isn't that better??  

Your decision, and your choice I guess. 


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