Friday, November 15, 2013

I Am Who I Am, and That Is All Who I Yam.

Hello, and good afternoon all.   How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   What was I thinking about today??  Oh many things.   You know the norm.  I picked up some hours Saturday at work.  I was scheduled off, but The Manager has to do inventory of the back room by Tuesday sometime, so I figured I'd come in and do the end caps for him, so he can focus on that.  No biggie to me.   I don't do anything exciting.   Weekend Shmeekend.   Might as well work.   I gather from some employees I work with they don't like their job too much.  I like it mostly.  You stay busy, there is plenty to do, and it actually is pretty hard work.   I think that is the part they don't like.   I don't do anything, so like I say, I might as well work. 

Anyhooooo  not a lot going on with me.   I just wake up feeling like this a lot.  So many things about me I cannot explain to you, because you kind of have to be on my side of the line here, and well, you are not.  I have gone and lived my life.   Learned all the secrets I needed to learn.   I suffered through a bunch of hidden stuff that I cannot even explain.   All kinda leading to this area here, but my life goes on, and I still have another thing to do.   It never is really too too far from my mind, and the way I am now I can think of many many people at any one time.   Many people can be on my mind, and I can think of them.  

It is always good to be up front, and honest.   Hiding was the first worst thing that was done huh??  Hiding in the shadows, and hiding in the dark.   The Fall.   The whole story was a story from darkness to light.   One avenue, one way.  The Way, the truth, the light.   The World is full of darkness and deceit, and lies, etc...   Not an easy path for us, but easily done for us.   To learn our true value though as people.   Who wants to look at that?? 

For me having suffered through so much stuff, the only thing I wanted was to do the right thing.   Listen, believe, and be obedient.  

That is a different place though.   I have seen things, and have known things none of you can comprehend.   You are me in the early 90's.  Looking at life, and everything, and I hope you can be honest with yourself.   I hope you can look with a good set of eyes.  

In the end nothing really matters, but really one thing I guess.   Did you do what you were supposed to.   Did you find your way???   Did you overcome??   Did you take the path less traveled, or did the World entice you too much?? 

I think you are probably lacking trust and strength to do what is right.   You only had to overcome yourself.   Weak little old you.   You have too much going for you though huh??   Too much stuff to accomplish??  


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