Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Don't Know About You, I Do Know About Me...

Hello.  Well one of the things about me I noticed is if I am angry, or unhappy about something it finds a way out.  That is different than how I once was, because I used to internalize things.  Many times just ignore things, and ignore people who I don't like etc...   That is kinda what I feel like doing with this blog.   Ignore it, and ignore people.   There is a whole full story of my past, and I can throw the old quid pro quo down, you not interested in what I have to say, then I am not interested in what you have to say, but really there is more than that.   I am only interested in so many things in this World, and us as people really deep down are not that fascinating are we??   I mean if I don't think Society is worth a crap, and people are trying to improve a Society that will not be improved.   Really people seemingly want to do everything, but the steps that would make them a better person.  

Enslaved to jobs, and income, etc...   Yeah, all that is known.   You see how weak people are??   They only put their faith in money, and income, and being able to buy stuff.   Your heart is a part of this World, and it is what you believe.   The man made ideas about coins etc... that have never ever ever lasted.   That is where we put our faith, and hopes, and dreams etc...   How will that lead to contentment??  How will that lead to happiness?  

All that you were ever taught you believed, because people wear the right clothes, or have  a lot of money, or have the right certificates hanging wherever.  The whole World is made up of man made ideas, and that is where your faith is.   You put your faith in man and society, and coins, and this World, and a whole slew of other things. 

The worst thing is you try passing that along as knowledge and wisdom.   Who wants to hear that crap??  You spent a life time of living, and this is all you got.   You are not going to improve on the same 'ole same 'ole.   You will stagnate.   Hate will deepen, and anger, and resentment, and why is that??   You believe in this World.   This World is rigged.   the powers that be, which usually coincide with those who hold the most coins, have their own interests at heart.   Their however many houses they own are the important things, because I guess it makes them look good, and masks how unhappy, unfulfilled, and how pathetic their lives really are, and how pathetic they really are as people.  

Many people grab hold of some type of propaganda of some sort, and hold that to be their only truth.   It is the only thing they want to hold onto.   It is their only truth.   Everything is a crutch.   The whole World is wrong, and you are unwilling to let it go.   See how weak we are as people.   See who our true Gods are??   See how wrong you are.  

Sometimes I really want to ignore this blog, but after writing this, I actually feel better.  


That is that.  

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