Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taking Stock

Good Morning All.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I was just kinda thinking this morning about me, and my life.  What is a life worth??  What have I done that is significant in any way?? 

I really haven't done anything have I??  What is it we base our worth on??

Let's see some of the things I have done.   I got married, I had jobs,  I have completed 5 marathons, and trained for at least 5 more only to be injured.  I have had blogs where my story was told.  It isn't anything really. 

There is nothing about me I would call of the redeeming nature.  There is nothing I can lay claim to that says I am worth something, because I have done this.  There are no points in this World is there?? 

What is it you base your worth on as a person??  What activities have you done that make your life worthwhile??  You see we as people lay claim to points where there are none.   Life in this World is not very significant is it??  We don't really do anything of lasting significance. 

I am 47 years old.  I have a realistic outlook of life.  I don't have any weights really holding me down.  I don't place value on things that have no value.  When you get to the bottom of the truth of life it is a weird vision. 

You can see our life really is worth just one coin.   We don't offer anything more.  We are not smart enough, strong enough, or good enough. 

Even though my life has gone on a crazy crazy ride, it still means nothing.   I learned my place in this World, and I learned what a person like me is really worth.   A realistic view of who I am, and also a realistic view of others too. 

I wish I could tell you all how this thing turns out, but I have a feeling it leads to a hard time.  A realistic view of our life, and our worth is totally different than anything we have been taught. 

Taking stock of my life, I am really not worth much.  I can do no deeds on my own that our worth anything. 

How do I feel about it??  I am cool with it.  So much of how I am is not because of me.   So much, and maybe all is about how my heart is, and that totally is in another ones hands. 

What can I do to help you along on your personal journey of truth, and wisdom, and knowledge, etc...?? 

Not much can I?? 

I can take stock of my life, have a realistic view of it, and just be happy I am the way I am. 

I offer you not very much at all do I??   I do nothing at all for anyone really do I?? 

A person who has lived a life, and grabbed the truth by the horns, and let it take me where it leads.   My life is not mine anymore really is it??  All these things I do are totally how I am made.   If you would have told me back in the early 90's I would be writing these blogs, and trying to help people on their way,  I am not sure what I would think about it.  

My life's goals were all changed with a turn I guess.   I have become someone who I could not become on my own.  

I am not even done yet.   Just one more little thing to do, and I have no idea how it will be.   I know it won't be pleasant, and I know I will suffer.   It makes sense understanding has to come in that direction huh??   Then I will know the people's end, because I will have been there. 

My journey is one where I had to overcome things, but I could not overcome them on my own.  I was given strength and courage when needed, and I will definitely need it for my last one, because although I know what I must do, I will be judged, and I will be doomed, and from previous experiences that is in no way a pleasant thing.  

I still do it.   I am not afraid, and that is just because my heart is totally who I am.   Not any deeds, or sacrifices, or anything.  

You know my life though.   It ain't no thang.    :)

Have fun all.   :)

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