Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taking Time Out Of My Day...

Hello, and good morning.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.  I worked a few hours last night to help out, and came home, and went to bed, but did not get enough sleep.   Oh well.  I'll go to bed after dinner, and get some hours before work.   Lisa and I are going out to lunch today.  :)   yay.  That is like my favorite thing to do. 

I'd have to say I have boiled my life down to the simplest things.  Work, eat, run when I can, Do some stuff around the house sometimes.  Mostly on my days off.   I have Wed, Thurs, and Fri. off this week.   pretty sweet huh??  

So this blog goes in a certain direction.  To me it seems like it is tearing people down, so another can help build you up.  This time the correct way.   People must be torn too, because you have a life, and you want to do things, and you know what I have been saying.  That is why trust was so important huh??   Can you trust that nothing in your life is really important??  All the energy you use in whatever pursuits means nothing to the one who really matters?? 

There are some things he wants to show you, but you refuse to listen, and you really are saying no aren't you??  Trust is important, because there is joy, and happiness outside of whatever you can comprehend.   Strength is important, because you may end up being humbled.  

See strength is holding on.  Strength is letting people see the not so fabulous us.  Strength is accepting things that don't seem very good to accept right now, and that is where trust comes in.   Do you trust there is a better plan than whatever the best things you can think of are??  If you trust that are you willing to go that route??  

You know the only reason you would not be willing right??    me, me, me.  

I cannot help people all too much, because it is your battle.   Your silent voice inside you wants to do what is right, and your boisterous, arrogant, and selfish side that wants everything to be about you overpowers you.   There is a little chasm it seems.   To get to the other side to see what is out there you have to be willing.   If you are not willing, than it is closed off to you.  You will never go any farther.   Your life stagnates at that point.

I know it is a struggle, and our inner demons are powerful, but before you could even trust, one put his trust in you that you can overcome.   He is patient, and he is forgiving, but to be forgiven you have to have a heart that feels remorse.   That is what will be given you.   You see on something as small as that we are unable to do.   Your hearts are hard, and he will need to soften them, but you have to be willing to go on this route.  

You see it has always been the repentance that is important, but your hearts need to be fixed.   That is outside of your control, and outside of your power, and it is something you cannot do for yourself.  

It seems so easy from what the false teachers have been saying for Centuries huh??   While they wear their robes, and suits and stuff, and teach only the best things that men and women can think of.  Everything has always been hidden, and it was up to us to find it.

Here you stand at a crossroads.   You have everything you need, and are able to go on an incredible journey of your own, but that damn World out there.   Kinda want to see what you can do huh??   Trust me,   it isn't worth it.   Won't lead to happiness or contentment either.

That is it for today!!!     :)

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p.s.   I get the Bears game today.   WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!  

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