Thursday, November 21, 2013

Before I Start This I Am Going To Get My Coffee

Hello, and good morning all.   How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.  I hazzz a blog so I guess I will write.  Ahhhh, nothing like strong coffee.  

Anyway, what is on my mind??  Typically it can be anything at any one time.  This World is a crazy place for sure.   We are definitely enslaved in being politically correct beings.  Wear the right clothes, say the right things, and don't ever ever stray from the "norm".   Things like that, but I have been saying there is no norm. 

A life trying to succumb to the whimsy of Society is a life that leads to depression, anger, resentment.  All the things you don't want to feel, yet that is where this life leads.  Phrases like smile and say hi.  Show you care.  etc... 

What do we really care about in this World??  Well, let's look at me.   What do I care about in this World??

Do I care much about this life??   nope. 

Do I care anymore whatever my legacy is??   nope.

Do I care really anything about this World??  nope. 

It is a silly place where people do silly things.   All wrapped up in our facade in life is that any of this is actually important.   That what we do is important.   It isn't.  Our life is silly silly silly.   We spend a lifetime doing the stupid shit we do, and then one day we are 6' under, and it is all gone.  Nothing we have done, and nothing we have collected matters.   You wrack up a ton of debt.  That is all gone. 

All the shit of life is gone.   No more bills to pay.   No more people you have to fake smile to.   All the fake nice things you have to do disappear.  Your clothes don't matter anymore, and the multitudes who have walked the Earth didn't do anything of any significance.  

A pointless life that means nothing.

That is what I didn't want.   So I have grown up in my walk.   I am different today than years ago, and this is I am sure how it is supposed to be.   People are afraid to step out of the security of Society, because well we have to eat right.   The World holds us down with its chains.  Our whole being is slavery.   A slave to our shortcomings.   A slave to the World.   A slave to society.  

There was a type of him who was to come who was asked to lead a people out of slavery.  The people lacked strength, and were a very weak people in faith, and things like that, but he did what was asked of him. 

That is the story too here.   A way out of the slavery of life.  The slavery of us.  All the things that weigh us down there is a way out.  Also a new us too.   A way for us to be better people than the weak and hopeless creatures we are now.  

There is a lot to overcome, and it will all be done for you, but you have to overcome yourself.   You are weak in strength, and weak in faith, just like those people who were led out of slavery all those years ago.   You would rather stay in the comforts of this horrible Society we live.  

Don't you see how gross this life is??  Don't you see how fake and unreal everything is??   There is a way to a better you, but you don't want to take it.  

I know my life.   It is as boring as anything.  The only thing that makes me who I am is really what was taken from me when I gave up those several summers ago. 

There is a way to the good part of me and a way to the bad.   Strength is a way to the good.   Strength is just honesty, and showing all the things that hold us down, and doubts, and fears, and weaknesses about us that drive us crazy.   The way to the bad is all and everything that is fabulous.   All the things we try to show that make us acceptable to society.   Trying to be accepted by society is just a way to say hey look at me.   I am weak.   Right??

This blog goes in any number of directions, and I am free to do as I choose with it, and today I will just say good by.


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