Thursday, July 18, 2013

The 2 Sides Of Me...

Good Afternoon.  How's it going??  Me, I feel I woke up in a bad mood again.  Frustrated I guess.  Frustrated because I know  a lot of stuff.  A lot of bad stuff.  Things I was taught long ago, and things I never wanted to tell anyone.  Or maybe I did, but I knew the stuff I knew was bad.  It was bad to use, and bad to teach. 

Inside me is the vision and knowledge of the dead and fruitless endeavors one can find to do on this Planet.  Things that lead nowhere, and things that ultimately end up being the reason we are all so miserable'ish. 

Life is like this.  Your heart is taking you down a path of a view of life I guess you could say.  This little thing we do before we die. 

I know all the teachings of Society is life is a blessing, but life really is a curse too.  You can deny it, but you should just really have the strength to accept it.  It is a curse because there is nothing on this Earth of any value.  It is a wasteland where points are nowhere to be found. 

Couple that with our less than great selves, and well you can see we are in trouble.  We have been given brains to ponder and to question our why are we here type stuff.  Life here is supposed to be miserable too, because we are to seek answers out. 

Many will think they found answers by reading what people as dumb as us have written.  They are published,  they have the answers, and God knows they are way more fucking fabulous than me.   Have you seen me??  Have you seen my life???  My real life??  Well I hope not, because I have been trying to hide that Shit forever, and show you just this one side.  You know the look how Great I am side.  

I have like I said a bunch of shit in me.  Things I would just assume keep to myself.  You have to meet me halfway though.  Put on your big people pants and have the courage to accept you are not perfect.  You in your own way are pretty horrible like us all. 

I know I know if I hold onto this that matters, or this.  Can I help Society along this way??  I get points for that right??  Nope all avenues lead nowhere.  Your life and my life are like the biggest waste of time ever. 


That is it for today!!!    :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)

Today I don'r really give a shit what kind of day you have. 

Good Bye.  :)))

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