Saturday, July 20, 2013

People Get In A Rut...

Good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I guess I am doing okay.  Do you sense sometimes people get in a rut??  Life is going on and on and on and on, and after a while you realize, WOAH!!  This is their life??   Same thing day after day after day.  Not an original thought or anything that differs you day to day??

Boxed in huh??  Closed off from the whole World.  Oh you cannot see, because you are boxed in.  Your life and your World are very very small. 

I am reminded of that one Jew in a Concentration camp.  He had absolutely no freedom at all.  Living the worst life, but his mind was free.  Anything could be done to him, but he gathered more freedom living how he was than most people do with their freedoms. 

How and why is that??   He must have been able to look at life different.  A realistic view perhaps??  Hey I can complain about this and that, etc...  My life sucks, but maybe he realized the control he had.  He had no control over his situation.  Of all the things he could which isn't much he found freedom in his thoughts. 

Maybe a lesson learned.  What in your life do you have control of??  How you wake up day to day??  If you had the opportunity to do whatever you really wanted to do today what would it be??  Do you even know?? 

You want your life to matter right??  You want it to be important in the grand scheme of things.  The best attributes a person can have is really a gift one is given.  To walk this Earth free, and strong, with a humble heart.  I know and I realize the best a person can be is not something we can achieve on our own. 

It is such a humbling story.  Remember of the story of those guys whipping themselves to help improve themselves??  Torture themselves to make them better people??  That is the understanding people can muster.  Kill or be killed in order to show our worth??  

It is not our understanding we should seek.  It is not our knowledge which is the highest thoughts.  There is a way to acquire all these things, and it isn't something we achieve on our own.  It is a gift.  The best you can be is not something you can acquire on your own.  It isn't something whatever Country you were born in bestows upon you. 

Your life is you, and really you can throw away all the things you cannot control.  What really in your life do you have control of?? 

We as humans are pretty gross in ways.  We hide our true nature and selves with various kinds of clothing and stuff, but our path will show us we are not much better than the beasts who wander the field.  One of life's hard yet humorous lessons.   Where did the info come that we are all that??  

HA!!   Have you seen people??   LOL   we aren't all that.   :)

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p.s.  slept too late today, so guess I'll be running solo today. 

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