Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WOAH!!! I am Human...

WOW,  I had such a good Monday.  It was so productive, and it knocked me out.  Yesterday, I did very little.  Well little, for me.  I did dishes (twice) laundry, and well...  oh,   I cooked dinner too, and that was it.  I read, and kept falling asleep. 

It took me a while, but after around 12 hours, I figured I caught a cold.  I was a bit sick.  SHEESH!!!   been a while.  I must have had a low grade fever too, because I was hot last night, and Lisa said it wasn't hot.  She told me I must have had a fever break. 

I feel better already today though.  I only have been in bed for like 6 hours, a little tossing and turning, so I guess I will probably try and get some more sleep. 

What was supposed to be my first week of "real" solid training will be put on hold.  No sense getting all crazy, when I feel a bit under the weather.  I am just doing the base thing anyway.  Real training doesn't start til after Jan. 1.  I got time. 

I decided to start doing push ups and pull ups too.  Outlooks are always better without battling a cold.  Motivation too. 

So here is to good Health for all.  Life is way more better that way.   :)

Laterz Taterz.   :)

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